54 yrs of age-menopause over-now want a baby

michelecoitOctober 28, 2006


I'm Michele and am now 54 yrs old. People say I only look 30 but that doesn't affect my body condition. I divorced my ex-husband in 2000. I have now met the love of my life but he is only 34yrs old. We have been together 5 1/2 yrs. He says he loves me and children are secondary to me but I think it's quite an issue with him as he doen't want to hurt my feelings so doen't discuss it but I often see him looking wistfully at other children.. Nothing would give me more pleasure than producing a child of his own as our relationship is idealistic. Can anyone out there help? I don't know where to start; what tests, drugs etc. All I know is come heaven or earth I WILL give my Jason a child of his as soon as I'm able :)

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never second guess someone... he says it isn't an issue... you'd better not do it... I have learned this the hard way. If he wasn't children, he should say so... I can't think of anyway nice to say this, but you should have learned this by now... sounds like YOU want a child... or you are getting rather scared to keep a younger man. I see so many holes in this story that it's scary....

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You know, responsible parenting is when you get together WITH the father and discuss this sort of thing... raising a kid... the future etc. It's NOT suprising your much younger boyfriend with your ability to propagate. That's what young teenagers do... I know that nowadays just wanting to have a baby is a good reason to have one... but really... you are old enough to know better.

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and on your site you say he's gone? a child won't bring him back...

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No, Ive just updated my site lol!

When I listened to the advice of others I decided against having a child - when I told Jason he felt he couldnt stay with me as he wanted a child so much. I call it shallow love after 5 years, so I said goodbye to him and hoped he found happiness. So don't worry, the child business is over and I certainly won't be getting into another relationship with that young a person lol!

Thanx for your advice - it certainly opened a can of worms which I'd rather go through now then much later

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Good luck, Michele.

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