bloating and two periods in one month...

oceangurlOctober 1, 2011

Hi.Iam 52 yrs old and think Iam perimenopausal.I never had children.In August I had a period that lasted 4 days then 16 days later I got a period again that lasted 3 September I never got a period but at the later part of the month I experienced swollen tender breast and a very bloated stomache...also when you pushed into my abdomen on the left side it that pain is gone and it is the first of Oct. and I still have the bloating stomache and tender breast..what is going on? I have always had regular light period that last 3 or 4 days at the most and got me first period when I was 15 yrs.! Is this normal for two periods in one month ..then none the next whole month? I know Iam not pregnant...thanx! :0

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I am not sure how old this forum is but it seems that not too many read some of the posts here.
Anyway, I think what you are going through is pretty normal for peri..I am 48 and my periods have suddenly changed as well. I just got over mine too and it feels as if it is on its way again. I also get the bloating, cramping, irritability, fatigue, and on and on..OH and did I mention nausea??? When was the last time you had your annual check up from your OBGYN? I doesn't hurt to get whatever is bothering you checked out just for peace of mind but I wouldn't worry too much because irregular periods are a sure sign of peri-menopause. Mine are now coming later and later but as soon as it is over I feel like it is coming again!! As for your swollen tender breast,is it just the one breast?

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