confused by FSH results

mrs.rjkOctober 2, 2012

I have been experiencing severe symptoms for about 4 months that I thought was peri-meno. Frequent irregular heartbeats, intense anxiety and panic attacks, mood changes, irritabilty, loss of libido etc... This has been Very difficult for me as my days consist of just trying to survive. Trips to doctors and the ER have not helped much. I had my FSH tested in July and it was 27, which according to the lab values was post meno, just barely though. I was re-tested last week, and the FSH was 4.5!!(NORMAL) No other hormones were tested even though I requested that, I was told by a gynocologist it was useless to test other hormones along with FSH. I am at the end of my rope!! Can't go by periods because I had a hysterectomy that left my ovaries when I was 25, I am 46 by the way. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, the only thing I have been holdong onto is that I thought I might be closer to the end of peri, am I going crazy????

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Hi there, sorry to hear about your troubles, I am having somethign similar at the moment, with exception of heavy prolonged bleeding that sends me into acute anemia fast every time it happens. We are same age so I assume you are in perimenopause by the sound of it. First of all let me tell you that the palpitations and anxiety attacks are usual thing that happens during this time, be comforted that you are NOT having heart attack or dying, will just need to learn to control these. I did pretty much and they are under control now. Remember its just an attack, let it come, pass over you, keep repeating they will pass. Set little routines that usually help you such as, breathing into a paper bag, or your hands, carbon dioxide will slow your breathing and prevent you from hyperventilating. Fresh air helps me, also getting busy, doing anything to take your mind of it. If its already in full blown mode, just sit safely, cold towel around your neck, or wash your face in cold water, and breathe, slowly, try to control your breathing...after a while your body will pick it up and slow down the whole thing overall. I found out it helps a lot to develop the routine, it will be better than pills once you manage to improve it. I hope this was of some comfort to you, hope to hear about your improvement. :) hugs

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Thank you for the kind reply. It sounds like we are using similar techniques to try to manage anxiety. I also try to "float" through the anxiety, allow and accept the feelings and try to remember that my body is having normal responses to anxiety and hormones. It's just not easy at times as I am sure you know. It really depends on the day, where the hormones are at. How long have you been noticing changes related to Peri? My Sister just found out she has severe anemia from Peri, be careful with the heavy bleeding. Peace to you

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