going off the pill, hot flashes and night sweats

hodelOctober 25, 2009

I am 40 yrs old. I just went off the pill. Since then I have had extremely bad hot flashes and night sweats. After reading here I guess I have fuzzy brain too because I getting another degree and I am not doing as well on tests on things I know I knew. I have a vitamin D deficiency. I only found that out because my dr ordered a complete blood test because she was worried about my diet, pretty low carb. I have changed that a bit. I exercise with a trainer 3 times per week and eat healthy, take vitamins, wellbuterin, vitamin D3 2000 units, and omega 3 fish oil. These hot flashes and night sweats that wake me up all night are scary and interrupt my life so much. My mom had a hysterectomy at 35 but an aunt on my dad's side said she went through menopause at 41. I am making appt with dr. I have been off the pill for 6 wks. Could this be because of going off the pill or could it be peri-menopause? What can I say to get this doctor to listen to me. I asked about menopause when there to talk to her about going off pill and she laughed even when I brought up aunt since she knows I exercise, no smoking, drinking, etc. She said that can't be. Any information would be so helpful. I am so uncomfortable and my DH has no idea what to do with me. Thank you.

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I so feel for you because I am you 10 years ago.

I started having hot flashes at 41-42 right after I had an ovary removed. I had always exercised a lot and been very fit, never smoked, didn't drink and watched my diet so I was shocked and so was my doctor when I started having menopausal symptoms (BTW no children).

So my suggestion for you is to have the doc check your estrogen level.

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Thanks luvthewest. I got in to my doctor for this Friday. Is there anything I should ask? None of my friends have gone though this. My mom never told me much. Doesn't have much info after having HRT after hysterectomy at 35, now she has had a stoke and can't tell me much. So weird to not figure this to happen for a few years. In a year I turned 40, got reading glasses, and now this. What is next??? LOL

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If I remember correctly (that's a problem in itself!), the test for estrogen level was pretty definitive - I was below the level that I was supposed to be, and I think the doc tested me again in about 6 months without an improvement. By then, I knew without them telling me that the remaining ovary wasn't working and that I was going in to menopause.

My mother also did not provide any info. She, in fact, said it wasn't that bad.

For me, it's been 10 years of hell. I started with hot flashes about every 1/2 hour, and now I'm about every 1.5-2 hours. That's a lot (or not much) of disturbed sleep.

I do remember something that my doc told me, but I haven't really researched it - women who have less body fat have more severe menopausal symptoms because they don't have any or have less stored estrogen. Not that that will make you feel any better!

Still, my exercise kind of keeps me sane and out of the "poor me" mindframe.

Hopefully, this isn't really menopause for you. I have seen some comments about hot flashes from women going off the pill - maybe doc can answer whether that's common.

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I started with peri menopause last year and to begin with it was the heart palpatations that got me and then panic attacks the sweats have really only begun in the last 3 months and they have been hell ive tried every natural herb i can find with no success even went to a chinese practitioner at great cost couldnt keep that up didnt work anyway the only route left now is flax seeds or hrt dont really want that just cannot cope at all no sleep tired all the time moody nausea all the time

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