UNGODLY monthly bloat for 3 days - not normal

debo_2006October 15, 2008

I'm 49 and as a kid into my 30s I got REALLY bad cramps at the onset of my period. When I was 34, I found out I had/have endometrosis, and had a few laparoscopies. BTW, we never had kids, but not due to this.

I don't get the cramping any more, but I do get a horrible feeling just under my ribcage into my stomach of what feels like a MAJOR gas build up. It's been going on for many years but gets worse each month. I feel it coming on like someone is pumping air into me until no more air can fit. It gets so bad it hurts to have anything on my waist and I can't function at all.

I've has a few tests done and they found nothing, though no tests were done when this is happening (unpredicable period at this age to get in spontaneously to get more tests). This only happens for 2-3 day of my period, and the feeling begins hours after I get my period to the next day (periods last 3-4 days total). I've tried taking GasX which does not relieve it (GasX always works when I'm not dealing with this). Matter of fact, the gas doesn't come out either end during this time....it just seems to subside eventually, until the next month.

This is not ordinary bloating and those who've seen my belly full of it, are shocked. I don't have a big stomach normally, but when this happens, it looks like I'm 6 months pregant, and it's as hard as a rock, and hurts like hell. I usually take Ibuprofen and use a heat pad which helps very slightly.

I've told my GYN about this and she's the one who sent me to specialists for tests. I suppose I need to see her when it happens but getting in there on the spur of the moment will be almost impossible due to them always being so busy. I wonder what an ultra sound might reveal during this time?

Had anyone else experienced this kind of UNGODLY bloating at that time of month? Any have any thoughts on this? I'm desperate.

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Hi debi,
Has the doc checked out your ovaries? Not to scare you, but one symptom of ovarian cancer is bloating. I believe a transvaginal ultrasound would give the doc alot of good info.
Are you on any meds? I had tons of bloating during perimenopause, but I have IBS and GERD. I think our funky hormones during perimenopause can cause alot of GI strangeness.
Is it possible that you have developed a food intolerance......like dairy or wheat?
What sorts of tests have you had? I was having pain in my ovary and had a CT scan in the ER, but my OB/GYN said that the transvaginal ultrasound can give you a better look at the ovaries.
Try taking Ibuprofen several days before your expected period. You might try a different NSAID like Aleve. They don't all work the same.
Good luck to you.

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Thanks for your reply Catherine. The really bad bloating is mainly just during the period. I know alot of people have bloating at this time, but the kind I get is NOT normal.

I'm not on meds, and dairy and wheat don't seem to affect me other times of the month.

I forget the various tests I had, but I was put on a few meds to see if they helped. I broke out in a rash all over so I stopped them. I had a minor surgery in May where they put a laparscope down my throad to see if they could detect anything and it came up negative. They seemed to think it had something to do with digestion. It doesn't.

So, at this point, the doctor wants to keep giving me various tests so she can rule out things. She hasn't a clue what it could be.

Last month besides the bloating, there was pain on the left side just below my ribrage; this month it was on the right side.

I will make an appt with the GYN for an ultrasound, but it would be great if she could do it while it's happening. I'll work on that.

Thanks again.

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Hi debi,
If you have something wrong with your ovaries, it will show up, regardless of whether you're bloating right then or not.
Have you seen a GI doc? I can't begin to tell you all the funky GI things I had going on during perimenopause!! In fact, I slept upright in a chair for 7 months during that time, because I had such intense upper stomach/chest/neck pressure. It finally went away.
Those danged hormones.........they are such a pain in the ***!
Good luck to you debi!

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This is me too. I'm 46 and in full swing Peri for a few years. I was always 27 days, now I'm 25, 29, 22, all over the place. I have now started this phantom period stuff and it's making me nuts. Luckily advil works, but doesn't help the no sleep and hot flashes that have begun. Yuck!

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