Menopause Mania!

ronty93October 17, 2008

Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be here. I have tons of symptoms and need to know if anyone else here is experiencing these symptoms. I'm sure it's related to menopause, but at the same time, there's some odd things too, so here goes: I have extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, especially in my legs. My blood sugar goes up or down almost constantly, even though I'm eating more healthy than ever. My blood pressure, which normally used to run around 98/56, is now spiking up to 140/90, at times. Frequent insomnia which causes all of the above to worsen. Frequent hunger, but losing weight. I've lost about 7 lbs. since July. My tongue burns, my chest burns. I have terrible anxiety and mood swings galore! My periods are scanty, but with clots; and they're only lasting about 4-5 days, when ordinarily they last from 7-8 days. OH, I'm 41 years old and these symptoms began to get much worse in mid July. My doctor has tested my thyroid but it was normal. The only other thing is peri-menopause. My OBGYN did hormone levels a few months ago and said that it actually looked as if I was going OUT of menopause or I guess peri-menopause. SOOOOOOOOoooooo, my really big question is this....HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH THIS? I mean, my life has stopped. I can't go anywhere due to my fatigue and weakness. My family are all suffering as well, due to my insomnia and fatigue. My life has changed so dramatically since July, I feel that I'm going crazy. My mother died of breast cancer at age 53 and we never talked about her menopause. I remember her having severe hot flashes, but that's all I remember about that period of her life. My paternal grandmother, on the other hand, says that she had a lot of the same symptoms that I have. She began all this when she was 32 years of age, and stopped having periods when she was 42. When I was 30, I gave birth to my daughter. I had all of these same symptoms, except the weight loss, when I was pregnant with her. It was a horrible pregnancy. I had already had one child, so I knew the joy of pregnancy. This was not normal. I believe that I may have been starting peri-menopause even then, possibly anyway.

Does peri-menopausal symptoms (like the ones I've described) get worse just before you stop having your periods? I just want this to be over. Don't get me wrong, I understand that I'm a woman and our bodies must go through these changes. I can handle change. But my symptoms are so life altering, so severe, that I just seriously think death would be easier. I just feel very overwhelmed. I'm not going to do anything crazy, I just am describing how horrible I feel, both mentally and physically.

I hope, and PRAY that someone can either relate to this, or just offer some suggestions.

Love and Blessings!!! Megan

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Megan , Hi, and welcome.. I have had the same symptoms as well. You and I are part of the club, I have lost 36 lbs since January. My hormones were tested and they com back like a teenager one time and menopausal the next. You can not really go by that testing stuff LOL.. I am taking nothing just pray alot,and wonder as well if I am dying, I have had so many tests and it's all negative thank God. But you are not alone. You can email me or even call me if you would like to talk. It helps knowing we are not alone. Some months it feels like it gets better then WHAM.. it back with a force. I believe its the way our hormones fluctuate day to day Hr by Hr.. I hope I have helped you in some small way.. They gave me Premarin which i am scared of. They gave low dose birth control but I smoke. and PROMETRIUM,, aka progesterone.. Is a NIGHT MARE,, I do find organic soymilk helps at times.. and if your periods are spotty then I use Orange Juice, the vitamin C induces a period,! Ok ,My grandfather who I am caretaking for has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and also a heart condition, I am off to the lab and hospital. BUt please feel free to contact me I live in Illinois , close to St Louis Mo. But if you would like to chat or via phone I am here for U,, Hang in ! Michelle Have a Great DAY!,

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Hi ladies!
Glad to see I'm not alone.
I had an endometrial ablation July, '07. (stopped my periods) I'm 49 now and for the past month I have been having what I think are hot flashes. All of a sudden I'll feel very warm from my chest up. My face and neck get red to the point that people have been asking me what's wrong. I just laugh and tell them it's a hot flash! I average one per hour.
I noticed when I had my physical a few months back that my blood pressure has increased also. I'm usually a very, very, good low. Now, I have prehypertension.
It never hit me, but I have suffered from migraines the last ten years. (never had a headache in my life) My dr. thought they were just menstrual migraines, but now I think they were due to perimenopause. Good Grief!!
Anymore, my skin is so dry (my hands snag clothing), I can't concentrate, I'm forgetful. I take Lexapro for PMDD, (guess I really don't have that anymore either!) which could be why I am not experiencing severe mood swings. My appetite seems to have lessened in the past six months also. I've lost about 15 lbs., and am now down to 132 lbs., which I am very proud of. lol
Here it goes! I'm having a hot flash as I'm typing this!!!!
Does this sound like Menopause to anyone other than me?
(I have no one in my family to compare to. My mom went through an extremely early menopause at 35. Weird.
My sister had a hysterectomy at 32 and has been on hormones since. She is now 52.)

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Hi. I thought I was all done with this foolishness - hadn't had a period for fourteen months and then two months ago - here they are again, like clockwork?

I've never heard of that, have you?


Susan Burns

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Hi. I had multiple hot flashes - sometimes 30 of them a day. I was on Lexapro but my doc changed me to Effexor and they diminished in number - now I get one or two a day.


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See if your doctor will test your adrenal function. Adrenal fatigue can also cause many of the same symptoms.
Mrs H

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"My hormones were tested and they com back like a teenager one time and menopausal the next. You can not really go by that testing stuff LOL.."

When I had a PAP smear a couple years ago, I asked the practitioner if I should have one of those tests. Was it of relevance or just of interest? "Just interest," she said, "unless you're not of menopausal age."

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Well ladies, how I envy the weight loss part! I was of normal weight all of my life and now I'm stuck with about 20 lbs more, tons of hot flashes and most of the symptoms mentioned above...yucky!
I'm 51 and haven't had a period for 8 months now; the hot flashes have been around for close to 4 yrs...
Good luck to all of you and if any miraculous revelations come up, feel free to share them.

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Wow! I'm not the only one. About 3 weeks ago I was fired from my job after telling my bosses to either transfer me to a department with an ethical management team or fire me. 2 weeks ago I was arrested after holding off a swat team for 3 hrs with a 9 mil handgun. After being wrestled to the group with snipers holding guns to my head they finally drug me to jail. I was completely insane. In jail I attempted to kill myself so they eventually took my to a psych unit. I am bipolar but had never had this type of mania in my entire 53 years. In may I stopped having periods and started having severe hot flashes. Then became easily agitated. Mania set in and I stopped eating and slept very little. Returned to my therapist and doctor for a med and attitude adjustment cause I was getting scared. Too little too late. Now I'm out of work and have all kinds of legal problems. BTW jail really stinks!

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