Pimples and NO hair

elizabeth_craigOctober 23, 2006

I have noticed the last wee while, pimples, bumps and redness on my face. But the funny thing is that my eyebrows have not needed plucking in ages and the few hairs I had on my legs (not a hairy person) do not grow either. I have not had to attend to my bikini line either for a long time. Same with my pits...no or very slow growth.

Any one know what this means? Its actually pretty good. My head hair still grows like hell.

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Well, I would sure like to know your secret! I noticed yesterday that I'd better keep an eyeball on my brows, or my up-till-now thin eyebrows will form a unibrow!

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It is a form of alopecia which is often associated to gluten intolerance.

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Wow, I found a place I can finally relate to and talk to someone out their about these annoying symptoms I have been having and feel now that I am not the only one when I hear all of you women out their in the same situations I am not alone Thank you. No pimples, but since it is winter I shave usually under my arms once a week and legs the same have never been a hairy person in the first place. I go to shower and shave and have noticed no hair and since in menopause assumed I had already shaved and felt like an idiot not remembering. The next week once again, no hair under my arm and legs. This went on for months before I went to the doctor and told her that the hair under my arms and my legs are next to none or are very fine and just a few here and there on my legs now. She made out for me a requisition for blood tests to test my hormone levels I have been in menopause now for 3 years and am 52 yrs of age. So get your hormones checked. I think it means now my estrogen levels have dropped tremendously now because I am also experience urinary tract infections lately and just came back from the hospital and the doctor told me it is all related to menopause. I felt some relief just knowing why all of a sudden I started getting these infections now two weeks in a row.

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