Perimenopause - the other symptoms...

jillbOctober 28, 2012

Ok, I was totally expecting hot flashes and mood swings but no one told me it would be like this. I am 44 but swear I have been in the throws of it since 37, and the more stress I';m under the worse it gets. The past 2 months have been the worst, after $20,000 in medical tests (luckily insurance covered all but my deductible) and a cabinet full of drugs that would have killed my kidneys and liver if I toook all of it I am convinced its more peri-menopause symtoms. Does any of this sound familiar:

Episodic vertigo that has morphed into sporadic dizziness, feeling like I just got off the tilt-a whirl when I walk

Buzzing in the legs - just below my knees (both sides) down to my feet, sometimes tingling sometimes not - worse at night and early am

headaches that the neurologist said are migraines causing the dizzines - but I've never had a migraine in my life, feels more like tension headache. Have since subsided, but dizziness still lives on; sometimes get buzzing in my head at night too.

awful pain in neck and shoulders

ringing in ears

waves of nausea - multiple times a day; candied ginger really helps (never would have believe it really works)

systemic itching - burning, tingling itch in my scalp, underarms, palms, bottom of feet, center of chest - allergist had me taking 1/2 zantac & 1/2 zyrtec 2x's a day all summer, finally dissipated but recurs if I ge way overheated from working out but nothing like the initial bout.

raging acid reflux - been on PPI's for 5 years just stopped recently after whackjob gastro had me on 80 mg's a day (wipes out magnesium) - cannot believe it but 2 tsp. Apple Cidar Vinegar & water works!! No reflux plus as a bonus it has cleared up my decade long bout with rosacea.

Anxiety - which I swear has turned me into a total hypochondriac.I google every frigging symptom.

Night sweats - I expected these

Suffice it to say, after a nuclear stress test, MRI, numerous x-rays, blood work galore the docs find nothing wrong but want to put me on antidepressants - antianxiety I could see, but antidepressants? I am not feeling depressed. Stressed out maybe, feeling like I am losing it because something is wrong but none of the docs will say its due to perimenopause, God forbid they should measure my hormone levels (and not thyroid which is fine). To my surprise I found tremdous relief from these symptoms by recently visiting a chiropractor (which I never thought I would do) for the neck pain and leg buzzing. He is the only medical prof. that has come close to helping me - that and massage therapy. So for now I am sticking with alternative/integrative medicine and vitamins: Bcomplex, D, Omega 3 and magnesium lotion.

I am curious if anyone has experience these symptoms and what alternative therapies they have found that offer relief.

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Does it all sound familar?? Oh yesssss it does!!! The off balance feeling alone will set off my anxiety -- all the other symptoms you listed are also nerve wracking. No one ever warned me about any of this. But, once when I asked my now departd 90 year old Mother what kind of symptoms she had during perimenopause, she replied, "what DIDN'T I have?"

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OMG!! I could have written this! Dizzy..yes, just the other day and i do think they are also peri-menopausal related but also related to migraines. Nausea, all the time. I am on one zegerid a day for that and silent reflux. Itching..omg!! my scalp ,legs, back, you name it. I bought some Lubriderm for itching and slather it everywhere after a bath or shower. It isn't perfect but it does help. Anxiety is off the wall and sometimes i feel like i could pass out. I am going on my 3rd month without a period. It does sound like peri to me and yes all of your symptoms could be related.

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Thanks so much for the info Paula & Tina, I seriously thought I was losing it - and my poor husband, he's afraid to say anything for fear he'll set me off. It would be comical if I didn't feel so terrible.

My next question is, if all of this is caused by the change in hormones should I see about going on birth control? I still get my period regularly (miss one about once a year) although they are short (1-2 days max). I have NEVER been on the pill and am seriously thinking that if it can even out my hormones it could make this whole transition much easier. Any thoughts on this?

Also, are there any tests I can have my GYN do to determine exactly what hormones are out of whack the most? All I keep hearing is they won't do anything until you;ve stopped having your period for a solid year (official menopause).

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I should clarify although I get my periods regularly - meaning about once a month they are anything but every 28 days. One month its 21 days, then 23, then 30 - but generally I still am getting them about once a month. Some firends have told me that because I enever had children menopause could be way more severe - oh joy!

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I recently just missed two periods in a row but before that my periods were alot like what yours are now. They would come maybe every 30 days or 19 days or whenever it damn well felt like it. So it does sound like you are in a transition stage. I am not on the pill either, I was when i was younger but strokes run in my family and it just makes me nervous. I am trying to do this naturally by exercising and trying to reduce stress(good luck with that)..My OBGYN did say that she could get my natural progesterone for my symptoms so that might be an option. And yes, i think there is a blood test to see where you are as far as your hormones are concerned.

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