pregnancy symptoms

loretta52October 28, 2006

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had these symptoms before. I have not had a period in 2 plus years, so I never figured I could get pregnant, well 3 months ago my husband and I did not use protection after a night of celebration, I did not give it another thought, but I did have some morning sickness, which I read is normal during menopause, and headaches, breast tenderness, but now I am feeling movement in my abdomen, first it was fluttering, now it feels as somehting is rolling in there, especially when I lie on my stomach... has anyone else had that? I did pregnancy test, both urine and blood, both negative. My FSH test was 30.5 and my LH was 10, on my last check up a few months ago. hope someone can help me

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Hi loretta,
I wouldn't assume because you haven't had a period in 2 years that you couldn't become pregnant........but I'm thinking it's too early to feel movement, if you were pregnant. I have irritable bowel syndrome, and lots of times it feels like a small animal is living inside my abdomen/ maybe that's what you're feeling?
I've noticed that I have lots more GI symptoms, since perimenopause/menopause started.
I've also learned that even if we don't have periods, we can still have ovulation (sort of shooting blanks), and fluctuating hormones....which can cause the headaches, breast tenderness and GI problems. I think if both of your pregnancy tests were negative, that you're probably not. Good luck!

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Catherine, thank you for your suggestion of IBS, I have scoured the internet for any answers to what may be plaguing me. I do NOT want to be pregnant as I am too old and my children are grown. I do know that if I push ever so slight on my lower abdomen whatever is there will move away, and I tried putting a flashlight on my lower abdomen (suggested by a friend) and YES the whatever is there will move away from the light!!! so as crazy as this sounds, since you have IBS, could you send me some links to where I can find out if I may have the symptoms? and if you were to shine a flashlight on your LOWER abdomen would you get worse symptoms (moving?).....I only have the symptoms in my lower abdomen, just around my navel.. although my entire stomach is starting to swell, and since it has been so long since I was pregnant with my 2 children, I do NOT remember when the swelling starts, I do however, remember that I felt them move early on... thanks again for your imput, I hope to hear from you very soon.

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Hi again Loretta,
When was your last pregnancy test? Can you do another home test now? They are pretty reliable.
That's really strange about the flashlight. I never tried that "test". But when I first developed IBS, there was constant activity/rumbling/movement in my abdomen ALL the time, which lasted for years!!
How old are you? Have you been seeing your OB/GYN and having a pap test/exam every year?
Ovarian cancer usually presents with alot of GI problems, swelling, etc. I'm not trying to scare you, but you might make an appointment with your OB/GYN. A transvaginal ultrasound is a very easy test that looks at your ovaries. But I'm thinking your problem is most likely GI related.
Are you having any other GI a change in bowels or nausea, gas or heartburn?
Are you on any medications or supplements that could be giving you alot of gas?

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Catherine, hi again. Well, I am 48, in great health, work out at the gym 3 times a week, also swim, walk, jog... I do have other symptoms, my breasts grew by one size, they feel heavy, I started getting heartburn a couple of weeks ago..( had it with both pregnanices)I had a pap done just before this happened, I do not have any gas problems, unless I eat beans. I am going through a insurance change, so I will be seeing a different doctor hopefully in a couple of weeks. To let you know, a couple of weeks after the unprotected sex, I started feeling my breasts getting larger, did not asociate it with pregancny, just thought it was menopause, so just dismissed it. well, shortly after that, I started waking up with serious nausea, that lasted about 8 weeks, now, my stomach is growing, and everyone who talks to me, seems like they stare at my tummy, it makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. now the movement, it just scares me!!!! well, thank you, and if you do have a link for the IBS, i was online eariler looking but could not find where it could cause movement in lower tummy area, please if you find it post it here... thank you very much for listening.

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catherine, I made a typo in my first posting, I would be about 16 (18) weeks pregnant if I were, I had orginally posted 3 months, but it was july 13, 2006 when the unprotected happened. sorry for the confusion.... I am new to the internent posting... thank you again.

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Hi Loretta,
I didn't read anywhere specifically that IBS can cause movement in your abdomen.......just had it myself, and have heard others say it too.'s sounding more and more like pregnancy Loretta. I can imagine you might be freaking out.
Can you get a home pregnancy test today and check it out? It would be very reliable.
I'm sure just typing in "Irritable bowel syndrome" would give you lots of sites to read up on it.
You shouldn't wait a couple weeks until seeing the doctor to figure this out (if you're pregnant or not). Just go out today and buy the test and you'll know. Although when I used them 20 years ago, you had to wait until morning, but maybe they're different now. Good luck to you Loretta.

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Any news Loretta?

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Hi, sorry, I have been very busy... I did purchase a 3 pack of pregnancy tests, did all 3 at different times and days, all three had a very very slight postivie.. I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of this month. I will keep you informed. I am not sure it was a positive it was a very light line, could be my imagination (hoping, fingers crossed, it is my imagination), the movement in my lower abdomen is getting more frequent, my co worker asked if I might be clothes are barely fitting me, and I look like I have a small melon in my tummy!! God, how embarrassing!!!! thanks for the concern

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Hi Loretta,
Can't you get in sooner to your doc? Something's not right, if you are feeling increased movement, and barely getting a positive on the test. Please call the doc and insist on coming in sooner.

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Catherine, hi, ty for your concern, however, I cannot see the doctor any sooner, as I have changed doctors and I am going in just for a check up as a new patient... My old doctor has retired and now we are in open enrollment for a new insurance company, but I did research and know that the new insurance company deals with the doctor I am going to see.. it is only 2 weeks away, I have waited this long, and there is really NOT much they can do but give me script for vitamins and iron, which I am taking now anyway. I will refuse any tests to see if the baby has defects, as I would NEVER abort, so waiting is ok.. I have already heard the heart beat as I have a very good frined who is a pediactric nurse and she used her stepthoscope to hear it! so, I know I am, she explained that there are women that do not test postive on tests until 6 months or longer, and have perfectly healthy babies... so, I stopped worrying so much, just accepting what is happening. I will keep you posted, and maybe I can post a ultrasound pic here, not sure.. but hopefully on the 27th I will have a pic of this little guy who sneaked into our lives so very quietly lol

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Hi Loretta,
Its good to know that even though this isn't what you had planned, you're okay with it. Your baby is very lucky! Good luck to you. Would love to see a picture of the little one!
Sometimes the best things in life are things we hadn't planned on!

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Best wishes on your pregnancy and the good health of the little one. I can't imagine what I'd do if I were pregnant. I'm about the same age and my four kids are grown. It is fortunate for me that I had a tubal after my last one! But if I were to become pregnant, I could never abort either.

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Hey, I had twins in my 40s--so it can be done, although the energy level is not what it was when I was in my 20s or 30s.

Everyone tells me with a smile on theri face that they (the twins) will keep me young. I am still waiting for that particular side effect to kick in ;-)

Congratulations. Every baby is a blessing.

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Hi Loretta.
I am a mom that gave birth to a beautiful son -when I turned 46yrs old. Yes, it can be done---and successfully- how are you doing?

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Wow, if it were me, I would be in a terminal state of shock. What an unexpected blessing for you! Please keep us updated, and have another celebration.
Mrs H

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When I found out I was having twins, I laid in bed in shock for a week, until my wise mother slapped me in the face (just kidding) and said "get over it--you're not the first woman in her 40s to have a baby".

Now, I don't know what I would do without my littles.

Please check back Loretta and let us know how you are.

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HI, just an update! I am into my 7th month now, however, I am measuring very small, I just look fat, I am tired all the time, and finally am able to eat chicken again... I have a doctors appt this Week, and will find out hopefully why I am so small.. I hope the baby is ok... I will try to post a few more times before he is born.. (yes, he is a boy!!!) woo hoo!!! due April 5, I tried to post a picture of the u/s, but could not do it here... sorry. but I wam willing to email to you.... take care and thanks for the well wishing and concerns...

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Wow, I just read this thread for the first time and this is just so cool, Loretta. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope all is well with you and baby boy at your check up.

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Is anybody still around who had anything to do with this thread?

I am 45 and have not had a period in about five months, but seven weeks ago we had unprotected sex after a night of revelry . . . I thought absolutely NOTHING of it until about seven or ten days later when I thought my period had started due to a little "pink" residue on my tissue . . . but no period . . . then as the weeks went by I began to get sick each day, my breasts have been "extremely" tender, particularly the nipples, for the past few weeks and feel bigger and heavier, and my belly hurts as though ligiments are stretching and my pants are getting a good deal tighter.

I would love to be pregnant again, so I'm a little scared to go get a test, in the event it is negative . . . the thing is, I wasn't looking for this . . . it all just happened, so I don't believe it is psychosematic (sp?). I just don't know what else it could be and would love to hear from anyone else regarding this situation.


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Loretta......if you're still around, I hope all is well with you and your little one! just have to bite the bullet and get a pregnancy test. We could guess all sorts of things, but you just have to take the test. when I was going through perimenopause I had some of your symptoms, but you need to find out for sure. In either case, you should see your OB/GYN.
Good luck with everything.

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I had pregnancy symtoms about 10 days after trying for a baby, nausea, vomiting, heavy tender breasts, tiredness etc had a slight pregnancy line on pregnancy test, then had bleeding (no clots) just bleeding went GP had a blood test which was negative, symptoms less but still here more than a month later, had another light bleed at time of period still very tired and about a week ago started having flutters in lower abdomen with bloating and some feelings of abdomen being pulled/stretched. Have a GP apt next week will ask for a scan to rule out polyps or pregnancy

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hi I am 48 years old and I am very confuse I dint know is I am menopause or pregnant i have symptoms of sore breast very sore and tender and abnormal period i have done a home pregnancy test and the result came negative and i still got these symptoms please can any body tell me what i should do thanks

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I'm glad I found this thread. I am 51 and having what seem to be a couple pregnancy symptoms i.e. tender breasts, mild cramping. I am perimenopausal and have had only 1 period in the past year. About a month ago my husband and I fooled around without protection but he did not "finish" inside me. This is not the first time we have done this and I have never gotten pregnant. Matter of fact, I had to get help (Clomid) getting pregnant with the 2 children we do have (teenagers). So I have never gotten pregnant without help. I cannot believe that NOW while I am menopausal and without fully unprotected sex I could be pregnant. I have searched the web and it does say that these could be menopausal symptoms, so I am hoping that is what they are. I did buy a HPT today and may take it tomorrow morning just to be sure. I pray to God I am not pregnant. I do not want any more children especially at my age. I also have a couple medical issues which a pregnancy could complicate. I will post more when I find out.

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WOW!! I am only 33 but I believe I have started peri-menopause as it runs as young as 18 in my family and I have had six pregnancy's. I came across this thread and was just really interested. I also have pregnancy symptoms like the belly swelling, breasts, etc; no vomiting though. My tests came up very light which I think is possible it could be shadow lines or something but now I'm thinking twice after reading some of your stories. Here's the weirdest husband had a vasectomy about 8 years ago so the chances of being pregnant are sooo slim..yet, the light lines on the tests and this past week I have just very light spotting on and off..Hmm. Makes me wonder. Is it possible??? By the way, I don't remember much about being pregnant but I did notice that besides the weight gain and obvious bloat, right above my pelvis is pretty puffy, almost like a pillow. I think I'm going to wait on it for a bit as this would definitely be a miracle baby!!! I will update though to help others who are experiences the same issues!

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I was wondering whatever happened to Loretta.

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I am sorry for jumping in on the forum, but I think I may be pregnant and I am 45 yrs old. I am going through peri-menopause. I took two home pregnancy test, but both showed up negative. I don't want to go to the Doctors again, just because I am embarrassed. I went to the Doctor when I first thought I was pregnant and she looked at me like I was crazy. I am scared, yet excited, I know it sounds crazy. My children are already grown and I am also a grandma. But this is the symptoms I am getting, besides my stomach growing. I feel like I have gas in my stomach, and I am not eating foods that would cause that. I have lower backpains, my breast has grown and is sensitive. I don't feel move ment yet, but I do get exhausted quickly; which normally I don't. Could I just be going crazy?

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At 46, I went through that scare. Turned out I wasn't pregnant. Whew! I've seen several websites since then that say perimenopause and pregnancy can have very much the same symptoms. Whoever decided this should be - it's not funny! Just what we needed to add to our already roller coaster of emotions. 

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I am 46 as well as and I didn't get my cycle in December, however I have had the cramping as though I was going to start at any moment. For about a week straight I experienced hot flashes out of no where. At first I thought it was due to the slight elevated temperature I had in addition to the night sweats, but when they persisted I was sure I was starting menopause. Some where in the back of my mind I thought possibly pregnancy, so I took a test and it was negative (I felt really stupid for buying it). I am still slightly cramping, with increased bowel movements. My husband had a vasectomy but he never went back for the final check. We rarely have sex due to my being in school and we have a very active 2 year old. After all of the research pregnancy and menopause is very closely related. I don't want to get another PT because I feel really embarrassed. I don't think I am pregnant, but I am not sure that I am menopausal either.

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Hi Hawaiiangirl hope you are still around all your story is exactly like mine so far, I'm 43 and have taken 2 home tests both negative. What was your outcome? I have not been to Doc yet either as I have also had the experience of a false pregnancy scare only 6 months ago ( I think I was more hopeful than sure I was pregnant.) I have it all over again but this time I have missed my period all together and have had cramping, tender breasts, but I am having menopausal symptoms also like night sweats I have three grown up boys and I still pine for another baby. I am mad at my body and mind for replicating ideas and symptoms similar to pregnancy as if it were to happen I would be rapt (not so, my partner, but he would accept it and love the baby dearly, he likes to plan.
sorry to ramble, just needing to express it all as I dont want to tell anyone any of this until confirmed so i dont look silly (again)
Going to the Doctors tomorrow.

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I am 50 years old, been in menopause. Last period was in June. Had an intimate night about a week ago, without protection. Should I be concerned about the possibility of becoming pregnant and/or is it even possible without already having periods?

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I'm SERIOUSLY confused with the initial poster. You went 2 YEARS WITHOUT a period and you got pregnant??? I thought after a FULL year without a period that your officially menopausal? So how can you be menopausal and pregnant????? Thought that was IMPOSSIBLE. Was it confirmed by a Dr that you were in actual menopause?

Am I the only one confused here?

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previous 3 months my menopause was regular bt now in February the date of menopause was over. so I am bit confused and tensed.

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Hi Ladies,
I'm new to this forum but very interested in the discussions you've had over the years. I came across the forum after googling questions I have about my "status". For the past 3 mos., I've been without a cycle. Prior to this time, it was late but not even barely 2 wks. I hadn't noticed it until mid-June around my son's graduation, but I blew it off. I was having some night sweats and some hot flashes but only for a week or so. Last year, my OB/GYN diagnosed me as being in perimenopause...the early stages of menopause and said I could be in it for 10-15 years and that my likelihood of pregnancy was very, extremely low. I was devastated when she said that. I thought, why would God allow this when I've longed for another child. At the time, I'd been divorced for 7 years but mid-year last year, I reconnected with an old friend, and the first of this year, we became very close. I hadn't thought very much about the possibility of pregnancy until I missed my cycle and it was still MIA by the end of June, so I began calculating. Clutched with high anxiety, I measure it back to a night of high romance with my bf and took a test, that came back negative. Disappointed, I blew it off thinking I'm on the way to full-blown menopause. I called my doctor who wasn't available, so I saw a doc who was. After a urine test and other labs, it appeared I wasn't preg but in the state of menopause. They suggest infertility clinics if I really wanted to get pregnant. While we weren't trying to get pregnant, I would have embraced being pregnant. Fast forward to a couple weeks later and I'm feeling weird...sore boobs, fluttering in my belly, milky discharge, slight nausea and I've gained weight. So I did some research. It appears other women my age, 42, have had similar occurrences and their doctors swore they weren't pregnant based on their age and lab results. From what I can tell, if the labs say one thing, they won't complete an examination b/c there doesn't seem to be a need to. However, in 8 out of 10 times, those negative urine and often, even blood tests have proven to be wrong. So, I'm wondering if that could be the case with me. I was especially intrigued with Lorretta52's story at the beginning. I feel as though she were writing about me except that I've only missed my cycle for, now, 3 mos. My mom used to tell me that no one knows my body like me and you have to pay attention to signs. I even called my doctor's office yesterday to discuss all of this and the nurse treated me like I was a cuckoo! I couldn't get upset with her however b/c they base their findings on science. Well, I've taken another hpt and it came back negative. That would be the 4th negative test, inclusive of hpt, docs urine & docs blood test. And right after each result, I find myself in a mild state of acceptance, but then the doubt creeps back in b/c I then begin later in the day to feel weird, nauseous, sore nipples, slight cramping, and of course the discharge, which is usually about the same time every day. I have a docs. appt. August 6th, so we'll see. I keep thinking that it is wishful thinking so I'm creating these "signs" and "symptoms". But I believe it's strange that after 2 healthy pregnancies, and typically no problems with my cycle over the years that my cycles would suddenly just stop. I haven't had anymore night sweats/hot flashes but I do find that I'm tired more often than not. It's just a "feeling" (psychologically) that I keep getting. If anyone has had any similar experiences, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

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Hi every one of you wonderful supportive & very kind women!
I am beyond grateful for finding this thread after quite a bit of searching on the net!
I just turned 49 years old last Friday (Aug. 15th) & because of all your kind words & your personal stories you've all shared, you've made me feel sooooo much better!
I have 2 sons, with my oldest being 19 & my youngest, being 16 & a half. They both are the absolute joy, treasures & blessings in my life & I thank God every day for blessing me with them, & I cannot believe how lucky I am to have these 2 incredible children & being given the privilege to be their mother!
I was always told as a teenager & well into my mid-20s, that I would never be able to conceive a child due to the fact that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (aka PCOS).
My ex-husband, whom I divorced over 6 years ago, is the father of my 2 sons. We did have many challenges re: infertility but, I was able to conceive my oldest son, after 2 years of fertility treatments. I should also mention, I know when I conceived, due to Trans-vaginal ultrasounds. I swear, within 2 days, I started having pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, fatigue , craving Bologna & Cheese Whiz sandwiches in the middle of the night, etc.
I had a urine Preg. Test, as well as blood work, @ 25 days, post conception but both were negative ! I didn't have a positive blood test, until Day 38, after conception!
Although my Obstetrician disagreed with me, my 2nd son was conceived through acupuncture. I am an RN, but had a serious, work-related back injury & I was receiving the acupuncture to help control the constant back pain.
Because of the PCOS, I've never, ever had a regular period, & there've been times through the years, when I've actually gone up to 2 years without a period. But, while I was the acupuncture treatments for about 3 months, I actually had a regular cycle every 28 days, whilst receiving the acupuncture.
I'm not sure why, as I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms @ the time, something told me that I should buy a pregnancy test.
Lo & behold, it was positive! I can't begin to describe the sheer, utter joy felt, when I did a HPT (Home Preg. Test).
I should also mention; both of my pregnancies were extremely difficult, such as needing to be on bed rest with both boys from 18 weeks, to my delivery. I was also, especially with my 2nd son, very sick with constant "Morning Sickness", as well as being in & out of hospital numerous times with both boys.
As well, with my 2nd son, I was literally walking down the hallway (no stairs involved), @ about 16 weeks, speaking on the telephone, when all of a sudden, I had this horrible extremely sharp pain, worse when I took a breath, non-stop pain & I literally collapsed on the floor! I couldn't move a muscle because of the pain. My husband @ the time, rushed home from work & had to actually carry me to our car; as well as carry me into our Chiropractor's office. Apparently, 2-3 discs in my mid-back had herniated, again...this all happened while I literally was doing NOTHING,(I do promise, there's a reason why I mentioned this, lol) my ex-husband & I, had always wanted 3 kids but even after numerous fertility treatments, we never were successful.
6+ years ago! post-divorce, I met the man of my dreams! He's the absolute love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate! He's never been married,nor has he any children. He is absolutely phenomenal with both my sons; especially with my youngest, who has moderate-to-severe autism. He truly is much more of a father to my sons, than their own father. About 3 years ago, I had my IUD removed, & ever since then, I'm absolutely astounded & flabbergasted because, I've had a regular period every 25-28 days, like clockwork! I actually had some symptoms similar to puberty, including acne, PMS, etc!
I had my last period around the end of June, early July, 2014.
I wasn't thinking about pregnancy, as well as, thought with the PCOS, & my age, pregnancy days were over. In the 3rd last week in July, of this year, I started getting extreme nausea. To this day, if I get too hot, too tired, or the smell of literally anything cooking, I end up with horrendous retching/dry heaves, for up to 30 min, many times a day. The only thing that helps, is to be in a cooler temp & free of any odours. My sense of smell, I swear, is multiplied by a thousand! My breast size has almost gone up one size since the nausea started. The only thing I've been able to eat, is red licorice(I don't mind it regularly but, I'd never eat it before all of this) & Jello Pudding cups. I'm exhausted beyond belief, my abdomen is growing daily, I'm either crying over a Hallmark Commercial, lol, or losing my temper over absolutely ridiculous things, (normally, I'm very good-tempered, rarely get angry, rarely cry). I've had unexplained heartburn, off & on, &, the most obvious abdomen is growing, a small bit everyday!
When I should've had my period on Aug 6/Aug7th, I had some pink spotting but on Aug 7th, I had very heavy bleeding, with quarter-sized clots & a few times, it looked like very small bits of either more clots, or tissue!?!? Prior to this happening, the pregnancy symptoms were so severe, a few days before this, I literally couldn't get out of bed, due to the extreme nausea & fatigue.
I had also had a lot of cramping before this too.
I thought maybe that I'd had a very early miscarriage but, the bleeding only lasted 10 hours.
After this, no further bleeding or cramping! I still have all the pregnancy symptoms but they're about 35-40% lessened in severity! As well, after the bleeding episode, as time goes on, they're starting to increase in severity!
I really do think, I may've been pregnant with twins but possibly???, I may've very sadly, miscarried 1 of them? As well, what happened with my mid-back, with my 2nd son, literally occurred last Friday!!! Same pain, same scenario, where is literally standing still in the bathroom, just about to start putting my make up on, when...excruciating pain, bringing me immediately to the floor!
As well, my very well-controlled asthma, again with my 2nd son, was so bad, I literally couldn't climb 2 steps, without getting short of breath. (This happened @ about 10 weeks with him.
Same thing with my asthma, since this past weekend!
I absolutely & most, most sincerely apologize for such a long post but the reason for such a long post is: I've been doing HPT, every 2-3 days, since my symptoms started. I've tried different brans, even tried with only the 1st morning urine, BUT, they're all coming up negative!!! However, 1 of the tests did have a very, very, very faint line, which my hubbie could see too!
I did a HPT last night; negative!
I was beginning to think I was going crazy here, lol,
I thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to read such a long post; as well as, for all of you sharing your experiences! I'd be eternally grateful, if anyone has any suggestions, or has had a similar story!
I'm going to go to the ER today, with the hopes of getting some answers!
I wish you all, nothing but the best, including much, much, much happiness, luck, light & love

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