irregular periods

Heathen1October 1, 2006

Okay... since I have horrible PMS, and like most women, feel that once you've actually started Perimenopause, you just want it done. Well...I just had my first irregular period last night. I mean, it's a full on period, and I just had a full on period on the 17th of September. I was WONDERING why I had a craving for chocolate! :D

Is this a sign that the end is near??? Please please please let it be so! :D

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Since July, my full periods have been getting closer and closer. Three weeks apart,then two, now I've had three within 5 weeks. And I had no bleeding at all from January to April. My doc says it's "normal" for perimenopause. I'm sick of wearing napkins.

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:D I just went out and bought some napkins... no unpleasant surprises in nice clothes.... almost as bad as when I was a teenager!

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Since May, I had 3 months in a row without a period, then 2 months with periods 4 weeks apart, now I got one 2 weeks after the last one. According to the bloodwork I got last year, I'm in menopause. Doesn't make sense to me.

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Hello, everyone, I'm new here and came looking for this very reason! I was told I am perimenopausal about a year ago (at age 45), but nothing was really bothering me other than my periods getting lighter. I have had this month, for the first time, two periods, two weeks apart. So...once this happens, will it continue to happen or is it an every once in a while thing? Puleeze say it's only sometimes!

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I just had a half a day period and none the month before.The cramps were like being in labor all over again.Hopefully it won't be a red christmas with lots of pain.

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I'm so tired of being all over the map. I just got my period yesterday, 4 weeks after the last one, which was just spotting. The cramps were so bad I wanted to die. Still extremely uncomfortable. My doctor told me in November to wait 4 months; if I was still bleeding after that, I should come in for a biopsy.

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Same story, different day. Just got it, 3 weeks after the last one.

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