Hormonal weight gain?

jannieOctober 4, 2005

I was a skinny kid. I mean,I was embarassed to wear a bathing suit because my ribs stuck out. I was five two and 82 lbs. Then puberty hit. Along with a period and hair everywhere, I gained about thirty pounds in a year. I developed a figure! I could wear skirts without a belt or suspenders! I remained trim most of my adult life, occasionally dieting off five or ten pounds. I started jogging and found that it had two beneficial effects: I could jog without getting out of breath and I could eat unlimited amounts of food and stay slim. Then I married and had two kids,stopped jogging , became sedentary and found it got a little harder to maintain my weight. Not impossible,just harder. Well. I am now 52 (53 in six weeks) and no apparent signs of menopause. I was at the GYN last week and blood tests show I am still ovulating. BUT I am (for the second time in my life) packing on the weight. I have gained eight pounds over the last year, four in the last month alone. The doctor says I am not overweight, but I should do some weight-bearing exercise. That's a good preventative for osteoporosis. My mom has bad osteo and my older sister's bone density test shows some bone loss. I personally think the weight gain is hormonal? What do you think?

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I was a skinny girl, all the way to about age 30. Kidded until adolescence, then envied all through my teens. Lucky.
Eat anything, not gain. Didn't exercise. It's high metabolism. But into my mid to late 30's I had to start exercising to not gain weight, if I wanted to continue the same eating habits. I see-sawed with exercise over the years since then. Then one day 3 years ago I discovered I weighed 175 lbs. My frame was used to 120 lbs. most of it's life, and this was a major burden. I bought an exercise bike, dropped carbs for 3 weeks. Re-introduced carbs gradually, to about half of what I formerly ate. Lost 30 lbs. Reality now is I have to exercise and not eat what I want to, have to be satisfied with 1/2 of what I formerly ate. I still eat anything.. just not much of it. 20 min. of hard cycling 3 mornings a week, just to keep my present weight of 145-150 lbs. Repeat to myself, eat quality, not quantity, quality, not quantity. I always thought it was metabolism, it being much lower now than when I was young. If it's hormones, does that mean when I go into total menopause, I'll not have to work as hard at cycling? ;-D

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