After 14 months bleeding again.....

angel4foruOctober 24, 2011

I am 41 (42 in December) - knew I was starting perimenopause at 35. I had so many symptoms - starting getting migraines, my periods changed to shorter cycles. Eventually started skipping some for 3 months and then it would come back. Had hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Doctors kept saying,'re too young, even though my blood levels said otherwise. I had my last "official" period in August 2010. I had some spotting in January 2011 for about 5 days and about 2 days of spotting in March 2011. Nothing since. Then about 2 weeks ago my breasts felt full and tender - this lasted for 2 weeks. Then 4 days ago I started bleeding again - it started out watery and rust colored. Now it's been bright red and kind of heavy at times. Prior to all this I had been having pretty constant watery vaginal discharge for many months - no odor, itching, irritation. One doctor said it was due to vaginal atrophy. I have been to many different doctors in the last year - my original doctor left my insurance and I haven't been able to find someone I like. Everyone kept wanting me to take birth control pills - I did not want to. I tend to try and take a more natural approach to things - I believe in a combination of alternative and conventional medicine. In the March and April of this year though I had an ultrasound, MRI and blood work done. None of them showed anything of concern - no endometrial thickening, masses, etc. My MRI did say I had what was called a 6mm follicle on my left ovary in April. Not sure what that meant. My blood work was consistent with menopausal levels - high FSH, lower estrogen.

Anyway, this bleeding has me nervous. I've been having cramping too and when I would stand up from laying down there would be quite a bit, maybe that's normal though, but also some clots on the paper and in the toilet. I've been reading up on it and it seems there can be so many reasons for this from this being a period again (which I wonder about since I am still on the young side for menopause), to vaginal atrophy, to hormonal imbalance to cancer. Both my parents died of cancer young (brain and kidney) so I just get scared of that word. I am seeing a gyn tomorrow. I think the bleeding is slowing down somewhat - today is the 4th day. But I'm just curious if anyone else has been through something similar either being around my age and going into menopause only to have bleeding again over a year later or going over a year without a period and then bleeding and what the bleeding turned out to be. I just moved to a new area so have to see another new gyn and when I called the office and spoke to a nurse she just said that I was probably just having some post-menopausal bleeding like it was no big thing. I just didn't think any bleeding after what was considered menopause was normal. Also, I wasn't sure if I counted from last August when I had my last official period or from March of this year when I had 2 days of spotting.

Any shared experiences would be really appreciated! Thanks :)

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Do you know that perimanopause starts around mid 30's? I suffered from migraines for years, since mid 20's. Now I am doing much better by using the followings,

Organic yam base progesterone cream
Vitamin B complex with Co Q10
Iron supplement (during and after periods)
Lady's Mantle herbal tea (brewed from dried herb)
Fruit smoothies (for better circulation)

I hope the above suggestions will help you, especially stop your bleeding. When I had my periods for 6 weeks, Lady's mantle tea mixed with a little Shepard's Purse was my lifesaver. My ultrasound results were also normal at the time.

There are many books you can find online relating to women's health and perimenopause. If you want to know more about natural progesterone, you can start with books written by Dr. John Lee and Dr. Virginia Hopkins.

Good luck to you.

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