black cohosh

ginaluisaOctober 21, 2010


I am considering using remifemin for hot flashes, nightsweats and irritability, but I have seen that side effects can include weight gain. Can those who have tried ths supplement weigh in? (No pun intended) I appreciate all advice


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I found that the Estroven, which has black cohosh, seemed to make me gain some weight. I was taking daytime AND nighttime. When I cut out the daytime, I felt lighter....but also had more hot flashes at night. You may be onto something. So much for my "weighing" in!

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I just started taking BC, it's been 2 weeks. My symptoms are mild. Hot flashes only. No change.

I've tried taking one 540mg pill in the morning, 1 before bedtime. I've tried taking 2 in the evening. I've tried taking only 1 in the morning....

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It's a blood thinner.

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