Oh WOW! A free lunch at the topless bar

scarlett2001May 28, 2010

I don't know which is making DH more blissful, the thought of free cold cuts or the silicone bobbling...on girls young enough to be his daughters. A new topless place is having a grand opening and he is just so enthusiastic.

Meanwhile our morgage company has sent us a letter saying he forgot to pay the house insurance and now the terms of the mortgage are violated. I said. "Wha-a-a--at!! Called the insurance, who said hold on a minute, you are now uninsured and we will not re-enroll you until you retro fit the house, which means having the frame bolted to the foundation. So right now our only asset is completely unprotected from fire, quake or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyptus (sorry, I can't spell Apoccaplyse or whatever.)

DH had better enjoy that ti**yflop show because those are the only ones he is going to see for a long time.

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I've got a pretty good sense of humor, I think, but the situation you've described is pitiful. You've been around the site for a while. As I recall, we've even locked horns a few times. Is this really your life?

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I don't recall locking horns w/you, Asolo, but you and I both say whatever we mean right out, so it's possible.

Yep, this is actually my life. Do you think anybody could make up this stuff?

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How is the frame not already bolted/attached to the foundation? How is that even possible?

The house is covered by the mortgage company's policy (your stuff's not though). They probably haven't charged you yet, but their coverage goes into effect whenever yours lapses. The ability to do that is just one part of the reason it's so expensive- the fact that it has to cover houses regardless of condition/occupancy is the other. It depends on the bank whether or not you get charged when you have a lapse- some charge if there was ever even a day's lapse ever, others only after their charges have gone through. If you call the bank (you'll probably talk to someone at the forced placed insurance carrier since most of them handle the phone calls for the insurance department) they can tell you which category they fall in. They can also tell you if they received a cancellation or non-renewal notice from your insurance company. And believe me- taking that call is 90% of their job. They won't judge you for it if you're nice.

You also might want to call around and see if any other companies will cover you without retrofitting, just to get your own policy in force ASAP. Considering that your agent let your insurance lapse for nonpayment AND they can't reinstate it because of the frame issue, without so much as a phone call to tell you that, what's the point of having an agent?!

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The house was built in 1927 (no retrofitting) and belonged to DH for some years before we married, so I have not been involved in the details of the insurance.

Yesterday he told me that he (miraculously!) got the house insurance reinstated with no retrofitting - and this happened in the closing hours of a three day weekend. He also gave me a big story on why the insurance lapsed, the gist of which was that none of it was his fault and he also claims that he explained this to me on Thursday but, I "didn't understand".

I asked him to look out the window and tell me if he saw a large produce truck. He went to the window and said, no large produce truck, why did you ask?

Because, I said, you must think the biggest turnip truck in the world is outside and that I just fell off it.

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I am confused, what you described is awful, forgot to pay insurance, well maybe, but lying about paying insurance and going to topless bars? where do you live? it is illegal to have topless bars in my area, you have to drive to the pretty bad part of the town. I would find out what he spends his money on and start saving just in case. do you have children? why is a married guy going to topless bars, what's going on?

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Usually there's a large laspe time with insurance policies... Gosh, how late were the payments? I'd call around and see if you can get insurance from someone else.

Also, a topless bar? Really, just to go? It's not his brother's bachelor party or something.. he just goes to topless bars just because they are having a grand opening? That seems kind of odd... Not sure how to respond... but it really probably shouldn't be going on and you shouldn't be talking about it or discussing it like it is even an option. Does he frequent whores when he's in Vegas too? How would you handle that one? I'd probably handle them the same way.... neither are an option... end of story...

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