Thank u for this site, what a blessing

misspollyOctober 8, 2007

Hi all,

I just joined and am grateful for this site. I am so grateful to hear that so much of what I have been feeling is normal. I had a hysterectomy 5 years back, but kept my ovaries.

I had heard of hot flashes and palpatations. But I experience them as being hot and sweaty and flutters. I found that bearing down helps with the flutters by the way

I have never heard of ovary pain before, but have experienced what feels like period pain, that wont let up.

I had a check with my gynae recently and he didnt say anything, just that all was normal.

So now I know, its just another phase - nothing to worry about. And after all, I dont have that awful heavy periods anymore, and I dont have the cramps from that. Heck, we woman are always going thru something hormonal, its just another thing.

Thank u so much again, I dont have a mum, and its so good to just feel some reassurance.


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Hi MissPolly,
I'm glad you found us. I, too, would be lost if I had to go through this alone! It can be a really scary, crazy time, and its very comforting to know that it happens to lots of other women too. Hopefully, you will go through your's quickly!

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Hi, MissPolly:
Welcome! This is a wonderful site; the people here are so helpful and have helped me greatly.

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MissPolly, you are among friends. The kind that will listen and occasionally make you laugh, and every now and again, tell you things you may not want to hear. That is what friends are for. Welcome! Shotzy

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MissPolly, welcome aboard! This is a great group of gals around here, and I think hormone hell would be much worse without someone to whine to at times, lol. Something you said seems so true to me. It seems that women ARE always going through something hormonal, doesn't it? It's a pity, but I suppose that's also a part of what makes life interesting.
Mrs H

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Welcome, MissPolly. I'm glad you found our forum. I can relate to having no mom to help reassure. My mom is still alive, but she isn't herself and can't give that support. While it might have been nice to have a family member to talk with intimately about these things, I've found the women here are supportive and understanding. They're also a well-informed group!!


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I, too, am grateful for this site. I just discovered it 20 minutes ago (I take part in the Quilt forum) and am ecstatic that there is a place I can go to and talk to people who know what I'm going through. It's a long story which I just shared on a palpitations string. In a nutshell, I just learned yesterday that I am in "post-menopause." I'm a bit in shock. I had my uterus removed back in 1999 but kept my ovaries. I thought I've been having health and heart problems since June. I never dreamed I was in menopause. My mother is of no help because she didn't go through ANYTHING out of the ordinary when her periods stopped. (lol...her doctor kept asking her for years, are you SURE you aren't having hot flashes or anything?") I just assumed I'd be like her and never be aware of going through menopause due to my lack of periods with no uterus.

So, ladies, where do I begin learning about what's happening to me? Any good strings on this forum to point me to???


Judy in Massachusetts

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Well, Judy, it depends on what kind of symptoms you are having as to which threads you may be interested in. Some of us have strange physical symptoms, many of us (myself included) get to experience mental and emotional hell, want to run away from home, physically abuse our husbands or tell the world to go to h*ll :)
Which category do you fit into? lol.
Mrs H

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I just posted my first post under the topic of bad dreams. I too am delighted in have found this forum. Sometimes gets crazy and lonely even though you are surrounded by loved ones. Hugs to all and I look forward to getting to know all you dear ladies. Women need women!

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Hi Judy, and welcome.
I'm learning that perimenopause can take a very long time. I'm finally slowing down with my symptoms, and it started about 11 years ago!
Just peruse through the old posts, and you will learn alot. Again, welcome!

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misspolly,i just read your post and started boo-hooing when i got to the no mum mama died 4 yrs. ago and i miss her SO much.she was my best friend and i sure do need her now.LOL

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