Concerning a possible hysterectomy/surgery

netsurfer802October 6, 2010

Hi I hope i'm posting to the right group. I know this is a group primarilly for women so you have to excuse me. If there's a better place to post please advice. Anyway, I'm concerned about my girl who has been going through PMS and periods like crazy on and off...the period can last it seems for at least two weeks. She has been taking birth control pills to help regulate things but it hasn't really been completely impeding the problem. She may be getting her overies, uterus and falopian tubes out if she has another period like the one she's on. So I have some questions. Are there any other remedies or alternatives to having this surgical procedure? If it is done is there any advice on how to deal with the after affects of it? Thanks in advance for any helpful guidance or advice.

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Don't let her do that. Find another answer, some natural ones. Try "emotional freedom technique" EFT. Contact a holistic doctor. A woman needs all her parts, she may have more problems due to an operation. :) Arum

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I would recommend you look at the Hystersisters website. just google it. It is a wonderful forum, and has a link for family members, husbands S/O's etc. also talks about alternatives to Hysterectomy.

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I totally agree with the previous posters. DO NOT let her get a Hysterectomy/Fallopian tube(s)Ovaries removed, she will go into full flegged Menopause. She will be worse off, because then, she'll have to take hormones and those in any amount is not a very good outcome. I, as well as countless other women, have had a procedure done, called "Edometrial Ablation". It was for me, the best thing I ever did. My heavy bleeding subsided and after that, I only had a few periods and then nothing, but I'm 55 years old, so I'm pretty much done with periods, Thank God!!! Please have her look into this procedure and if her Dr. won't consider it, then find one that will!!!

Good luck to you and yours!!!

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