irregular PERIODS!!!!!!

jerseygalOctober 29, 2007

Ok do really know where to go so here goes! Im 32 and i have had irregular periods all my life! but the last 2 yrs been more and more less and i have gone to my doctor and he says as long as i get one im fine! IT some time is like 6months b4 i get one.Now i haven got one since April2007 and i kinda started in june (LIKe brown) when i wiped 4 one day and thats it i still havent got one.He keeps reasuring that im fine.If i dont get one in a year he says let him know.Has this happen to anyone! Also i have 4 kids im not skinny but not fat. i know i weight more now than befor but,But when he put me on birth controll i would get it like clock work. But i cant be on that no more i have high blood what do u all think!

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It sounds like you may not be ovulating regularly. One of my younger sisters had the same symptoms when she was younger, and it occured after a period of weight loss and high stress. You say you aren't skinny. What is your height and weight? Some women think they are not skinny when in reality they are very underweight. What is your lifestyle? Are you under lots of stress? How is your diet? There are several things it could be.
Mrs H

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