Dull, fuzzy thinking

jennSeptember 21, 2005

I'm 49 and I work full time. I'm getting so concerned about my dull, fuzzy thinking that last night I considered talking to my doctor about it next time I go. Today at work, I learned I had done something not quite right and since I couldn't remember if I had been told how to do it or not, I sat at my desk and cried (fortunately, I was alone). I think I'm at my wit's end.

Is this normal for this time of life? I've heard and read about women who had to give up their careers because they just could not think as clearly as they used to.

I think I sleep enough.... about 7 hours every night. I think I need 8 hours but if I go to bed any earlier I'll wake up during the night anyway.

I think I'm too young to feel this way. My head feels heavy a lot of the time, my thinking is dull, I forget details that years ago would have come to me at the snap of a finger. I'm even forgetting things that I used to be able to recall for many years...... suddenly, I can't remember them. Sometimes I can't remember what I did yesterday.

Please tell me this is normal and will pass.........


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You sound like me. I'm 54 and still have regular periods. At times, I feel like I'm losing it and I find myself having to search deep into my memory for simple things as a certain word for a sentence or the name of an actor. If that weren't enough, my mood swings are being noticed by my family members. I was never a moody person. I started Wellbutrin 2 months ago when my GP thought I might need it. I haven't noticed any changes and I'm wondering if I need something for premeonpausal symptoms more.

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There is a great website by Dr. John Lee that goes into menopause and other female problems. www.johnleemd.com
My DD was having problems like an early menopause and only 35 years old, hot flashes, memory problems, fatigue, etc. She went to a Nurse Practitioner who told her that low progesterone could be the problem. She tried one type, didn't seen to work, but found a different supplier and has had marvelous results from it. Natural progesterone is available without a prescription. His web site has a lot of good information and a great book you may be able to find at your library is
"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause" by John R. Lee, MD I ordered my copy from Amazon.com after reading part of the book my DD had borrowed from a friend. It is very mind blowing and interesting.
I went thru Menopause nearly 18 years ago and didn't really have much problems at all, but continued to have bad headaches and feeling nauseated every so often. Finally started keeping track and saw it was like following my old monthly cycles. I have started the progesterone about 3-4 months ago and the headaches and yucky feelings have gone away.
Please e-mail if you have any questions, I also have a CD by Dr. Lee that my DD has made copies and would be glad to send you a copy with more information.

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Donna37 - thanks for the info - i am fixing to go check it out - i am 35 - almost 36 - and suffer from everything your DD does - as well as heavy periods (FLOODS) and cramps - no hysterectomy yet b/c of High BP - gyn only wants to do partial b/c of my age anyway which will NOT help the other symptoms, but would at least relieve the periods. No hormones b/c of age and smoking....i am just screwed...

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are you on any medications for anything? I have fibromyalgia and have blamed my brainfog on that, but maybe it's age. I'm 55. I think, as our hormones begin their decline, our sharpness might begin to go with it. Be sure to have good nutrition and enough vitamins. You might try cutting back on carbs and sugar.
I am on a beta blocker for my BP and have found out that it is notorious for making people spacey. That's why I asked about your meds.

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I have some of the same problems. I think exercise can help some. Someone I know on the rose forum called this time of life " mentalpause", haha. Best wishes.

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I have this. It's called CRS. Can't Remember Sh*t. It's a good thing I don't work for anyone else because I'd be fired long ago I believe, for all the things I forget or just make mistakes on. Owning my own business I 'eat' my mistakes. I like that Mentalpause name, more fitting :-/

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Jenn, you aren't alone. I have the same feelings and problems. I started menopause about 5 years ago.(I'm almost 60) I worked at a job running embroidery machines. It took a lot of concentration and being alert. I finally decided on my own that I'd better give it up because I didn't trust myself not to make a mistake. It grew increasingly harder to think clearly. (took me a lot longer to do something.)
I chose not to take any HRT. Heat surges 6 times a day are a problem too.

I had never heard about BP meds causing fuzzy thinking too! Well no wonder then, I'm taking those too!

It's just a natural part of aging. That's what I tell myself everyday.

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foggyJ - that's my business, embroidery! I'm pretty much stuck with it until I retire. :-/

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Hey. This is fun. Finding all of you ladies on here feeling worse than I do. I feel great now...lol

I had all of the symptoms including the brain fog and lethargy. I was turning into a couch potato (I'm now 53 and post meno).

High dose natural progesterone. Daily, without break. For months and months and months. Estro Balance pills by Puritans Pride (I import this lot).

Caffein...(The C word!).....RED BULL.....I cannot praise diet Red Bull enough...Once I started taking a can a day of this stuff I felt as if I had cone out from a dark tunnel. Now I just take a can if I feel lacking in va va voom!

Hubby is on the Red Bull and testosterone gel (Now that stuff is va va voom!!!)

I am now considering a low dose estradiol gel to ward off the ills of age


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Stress reduction is important during this time. If your adrenals are burned out, it can throw you into an earlier menopause, make the symptoms worse, and the duration of perimenopause longer and a host of other things if it goes untreated. I know this because I went through it for close to 10 years. It's a wonder our marriage lasted.
There's a book called "Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?" that I'd suggest to anyone on here. It explains the connection of the adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones and has a test you can do to see which area your weakest in. Then if it looks like it's your adrenals, you can read the book "Adrenal Fatigue" to learn more about that. MDs won't usually look into that until a person is in the Addisons stage, which you don't want.
Homeopathy can be a help too. It can calm the moods and just make you feel better all over if the right remedy is chosen. It's best to go to a classically trained homeopath for that.

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Mentalpause... that's a great description. Thanks for the chuckle.
Mrs H

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"Mentalpause"...that's when your "Horriblemones" start declining, isn't it??!! ;)>>

This thread was sooo needed for myself and a friend today.

Thanks Ladies!!!


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Aka hormone hell :)
Mrs H

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I also know how you feel! Sometimes I wonder why they put up with me at work. I've been in my job for almost 5 years and know (knew) all components of my position. This year especially....after about 3 yrs in meno...I'm REALLY feeling the mental fuzziness. Things that are no-brainers, that I have always known to do, I totally space out on. The people I work with are very patient with me (one of them is also in meno). I do find that it's not as bad if I'm physically active. If I can get myself in an exercise routine, my thoughts are clearer. It's just getting myself motivated enough to start the routine that gets me.

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I also know how you ladies feel! Sometimes in the middle of a sentence I cannot think of the word I'm supposed to say next. It's horrible. For people who don't know me, I must sound like an idiot. I even confuse my kids' names. I was diagnosed with fybromyalgia, which symptoms are very similar to perimenopause/menopause.

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I've become the same way. Sometimes I say one thing when I meant to say something else, which annoys people. Not that I wish menopause symptoms on anyone, but I feel better that I'm not alone.

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