Cramps and bloating

brantSeptember 30, 2004

When you are pre menopausal and you skip a period do you still have the cramps and bloating and just don't have your period. That is what I have been going through the last 2 weeks. I never have had a problem or missed a period until this month. I am 47 and wonder if this is the start or something else is going on. I am due for my check-up and plan to do that soon. If this is what one goes through for years before they stop having periods I would rather have periods. I don't want to take pills if I can prevent it. Thanks Debbie

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Debbie, I never experienced that but then everyone might be different. I'm glad you are going in soon to have it checked out. Keep us posted.

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I went through this for a long time....major PMS symptoms from hell for weeks and weeks at a time; until I was practically begging for my period. For years I think I spent more time PMS than not. As I got further along in perimenopause, I had meno symptoms at the same time as all the PMS! So I was bloated, very sore boobs, cramps, sweating, hot flashes, pimples, tired, moody, couldn't sleep....haha! I'm SO glad that's just about over, though I had about 8 years of this cr*p.
A low-estrogen pill might help with regulating your period...none of the herbal remedies have been proven to help with much other than hot flashes (I tried them all, for years...I didn't notice any difference except I spent the money on them) but it wouldn't hurt to try.

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