maryjo24September 11, 2006

Hi gals,

Wondering if anyone has experienced snoring since entering pre-menopause or menopause? I'm not talking about your hubby's or significant others, I mean yourself. :) I've found myself even waking myself up from snoring once in awhile. Is this a symptom of these "glory years" or just a problem *I* am having?

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No problem here **so far**.

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I think it's from just plain old aging. The tissues in the back of your throat and nose can become lax, and it causes snoring. I tried those nose strips.....but it made my sinuses burn really bad, so I guess they really do open you up.
I did notice that when I had big dips in my estrogen, that the tissues in the back of my throat would close off alot more easily. Fortunately, that's eased up. But I still do snore alot.

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My problem is dry throat upon wakening, so that I can't hardly swallow and have to get some water. I've also had some pretty serious swallowing food problems that scared that (you know what) out of me. After some tests that ruled out anything serious, I learned that dry/difficult swallowing is also a menopause/hormone side effect.

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Hi grandmapoo,
I've learned to have a bottle of water next to my bed. The only problem with drinking all that water is having to pee all the time!
When I was going through perimenopause AND on Wellbutrin, I thought I would die of a dry mouth. I had so many close calls with eating.....especially chicken.
I'm doing much better now, except for the fact of mouth breathing. I tried that breathe-rite throat spray, but can't say it worked alot. But it is nice having that bottle of water close by at night.

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I snore,and I've even woke myself up from hearing it. It ALWAYS happens if I sleep on my back. And also if I breathe thru my mouth, like if I'm congested from a cold. I often watch TV at night,as I settle down into the pillow I start snoring. DH will always nudge me and that makes me stop. I found that if I put on chapstick and press my lips closed,it sort of "glues" my lips shut and I can sleep on my side comfortably and quietly. I don't think snoring is related to "the change". I think it's a result of relaxed tissues in the throat sliding over the airway.

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LOL jannine........great idea about gluing your lips shut!

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I never wake myself up. Just my husband who has fallen asleep downstairs watching t.v. It's kind of his alarm clock. "Come on to bed honey with this sexy snorer."

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I started to hit menopause about a year and a half ago and am gradually getting used to the hot flashes and stuff. But you're right, my husband says that I've started to snore pretty loudly. I also have the dry mouth problem. Or had. My husband is a very loud snorer, has been since he put on a few pounds several years ago. He tried everything - strips, sprays, mouthguards, tape, nose clips, chin straps, etc - but finally found something called a snorender which is a kind of chin strap but much better. This really stopped most of his snoring so I tried it a few months ago when I was really snoring a lot more than normal. Hubby said that it made a big difference so I bought one for myself. It helps me keep my mouth closed so I don't have much of a dry mouth problem anymore either. That's what has helped me.

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Yep,,,this all started about time I started going through menopause and my throat is so dry and sore in mornings. I do keep water by my bed and that helps some. My problem is when I go to bed and lay down on pillow,,my nose stops up and therefore,,,I'm breathing out of my mouth. It really is annoying and if we go on vacation or anywhere with anyone and they want to get a room together,,,the answer is always NO haha unless they like to stay up all night!

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Yes, I also have started snoring. It wakes my husband up and a couple of times I have woken myself up. I tried all kinds of stuff, and it hasn't helped.

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YES! I have in the last year woken myself with a loud snort just as I am dropping off - really annoying! I hadn't thought to connect it with menopause, but I am 47 and haven't had a period in 3 years. I never had snoring problems before. It doesn't happen so much if I sleep more on my side than my back, and drink a sip of water before lying down.

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