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ponderinstuffSeptember 2, 2003

How do we know when we are in peri or in meno?

I was told by one doctor (when I had to have a bunch of tests for other stuff) that my estrogen was low. Then I went to the OBGY doc and she said the hormone test the other doc took was not accurate because I need to have the bloodwork done on the third day of my cycle. That was four months ago, and I haven't had a period...they have been irregular for the last two or three years, but only about 2-3 weeks late.

I am getting such bad hot flashes I can hardly stand it. It has been very hot in my area and I am extremely tired. I am on thyroid meds and it is normal by recent tests.

Please...I'd love to hear what you are doing. Is the only difference between peri and meno that the cycle ceases?

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They claim you go through premeno for 10 years before you are actually in menopause.Im 48 I had a hysterectomy I felt bad for years Im just now starting to feel descent.Get a good book and read it.My gyn gave me one it explained alot. some women committed suicide thought they had some dreaded disease. It was menopause.

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