vaginal dryness treatment

marybelle_2009September 7, 2010

Hello, I'm a newcomer and have been looking for relief from vaginal dryness which seems to be getting worse. I'm in my 60's and, had pretty manageable menopause symptoms, fortunately. I never had night sweats and my hot flashes weren't too bad. HOWEVER, I suffer from real discomfort after my hubby and i have sex. This is getting to be pretty darn depressing. Usually I'm OK the next day, but the day after that and then for 6 or 7 days later I have burning, and discomfort which at first i thought was a recurring urinary tract infection, but it's not. It's just me getting to be an older woman with a dry vaginal area.

We are careful to always use a lubricant - and I try to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. I switched primary care doctors last year due to insurance changes and my current doctor is a younger woman who does not believe in any prescription HRT treatments. I had asked about a vaginal cream i saw advertised and she said in essence she would not prescribe anything like that. I know there have been serious issues with HRTs but I'm at the point of throwing caution to the winds to get some relief.

I'm looking for something OTC if possible that deals with the post -sex dryness and irritation. And, also looking for feedback about the pros and cons of HRTs, especially the creams. If people have had some good results, maybe I need to change doctors.

Thanks so much - this is not a topic that comes up easily in conversation so thank you to all of you Garden Web gals.

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I have the same problem but with added intense itching which is there all the time, not just after sex. Infact, the itching and sensitivity is sometimes so bad that sex is out of the question for weeks. My sex life is being seriously affected. My husband is only 43 and I feel bad for him. I had a great sex life when I was 43! I really would appreciate any solutions,as long as its not HRT. I asked my GP about it and all she did was test me for diabetes(the itching)but didn't suggest anything for vaginal dryness. Hope someone has a suggestion. Thanks

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Go for the estrace cream, it works awesome a couple times a week to start and then once a week and you actually get wet from is great after a year I am actually enjoying sex again and having fun.....if your doc won't subscribe find a new one.......eveything has side effects and we as women need this part of our life, you would be surprised how different it mades you feel...I am a different person............the results out weigh the side effects, I do believe it my doctor hadn't given it to me I would never be having sex again and I an only 55........its wonderful...............good luck with it all

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This is an update since I posted last Sept, and I'm very happy to say that i did check with a different doctor who was happy to prescribe Premarin vaginal cream, which I applied 3 times weekly for a month, then twice weekly for a couple months, and now I apply it once a week - and I feel like a totally new woman. I had almost forgotten about my earlier misery and I am never in that kind of discomfort any more. As the poster above said, things have completely improved for me sexually. I have experienced no side effects.

So, altho I know how concerned women are about hormones, I also had a really crummy quality of life for a few months before i went on the Premarin cream, so to me it is totally worth the risk. I hope this helps.

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Hi, I just wanted to update my post earlier on this month. I have had vaginal dryness and external itching for a while. I have used OTC lube when I need it and its been fine but, nothing worked for the itching, until now. I went to my local herbalist/health food shop where I get my vitamins, the female who owns it told me to try organic aloe vera gel. Within 48 hours the itching had stopped. I use it at bedtime and in the morning after I shower. Its worked for me and I hope it will work for any of you ladies out there with this problem.

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