Vicostone Quartz Surfaces--Look of Marble without the worry

76EllwoodJanuary 1, 2013

We recently remodeled our kitchen at Ellwood. I was looking for a marble alternative and discovered VICOSTONE Quartz, it looks like marble but is quartz. We installed Carrara. I love it and it'll hold up well in our working kitchen which is used daily. I didn't want the worry of real marble surfaces but wanted the look for our historic home. The website is We installed real marble subway tile for our backsplash- Hampton Carrara Satin from The Tile Shop. They work perfectly together. Love my Shaw Farm Sink and the Rohl bridge faucets. Love this kitchen combination.

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Can you post a picture that shows the countertop surface?

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there are worries with marble? why didn't anyone tell me? been using mine with no problems!

i'd love to see your counters, though.

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Vietnamese quartz. I believe this is the quartz Pental in the PNW is selling as Chroma quartz, now calling it Pentalquartz. Distributed out of Texas.

Well, I have it. The surface came etched with drip lines and can lines of all sizes. It seems to etch with anything wet that's placed on it and only in time do those shapes fade. I've got a nice big 5 gallon can ring to the left of my sink which has been there since install in September. You only see them in angled light. Fortunately, I don't have windows, but my DR chandelier shines light on the counter. Something's wrong with the product. Maybe it wasn't cured right. The manager of Pental came and looked at mine and all he really did was scratch his head.


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mayflowers--thank you for warning people about this product.
I could be wrong but this post reads like an ad.

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Yes, and if you google, you'll see the only other post he's made is about the same product. So it's very clever spam.

Vicostone imports and allows granite yards to put their name on the product, so if you come across an unknown quartz, check to see where it's manufactured. Many places sell Chroma in the PNW.

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Mayflowers--just curious about the price point on this stuff. If you don't mind sharing, what was the approx. price per square foot?

May be that it's just me, but the price for Caesarstone, Silestone, etc. seems crazy expensive to me....and ripe for some serious competition.

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We were quoted $800 a slab, and my fabricator got it from Pental in Portland. We paid $100 for delivery to the fabricator's yard, so $1700 for the two slabs. It was about $500 less than Caesarstone. We have Botticino. It's very nice, except for the surface issues, which they've "never seen before." The manager went off to investigate the etchings and we never heard from him again.

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I also thought the OP smelled of clever spam when it was first posted, but didn't want to call it out.

May Flowers--I appreciate you sharing your experience with Chroma quartz. I, too, live in the PNW and have seen Chroma samples in so many places along my reno path. In fact, there was a color or two that seemed like possibilities for our upcoming (well, maybe 18 months at this rate) hall bath reno. I don't want to end up with a questionable product though. Fortunately, I have lots of time to choose. Have you been following up and nagging Pental? I think I'd be all over them like a cheap suit if I were in your shoes.

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Breezy, I would be all over them if this wasn't the second countertop we've had problems with. The first one (Caesarstone) was replaced with Chroma at our fabricator's expense because they messed it up during install. I don't think they want to replace another one and I don't really want to risk my cabinets by having the counter removed again. I think the most I could expect is a discount, and I should pursue that. I have thought about writing a letter to the owner of Pental since the Portland manager hasn't even bothered to get back to us.

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I am posting a close up of the VICOSTONE at Ellwood. I have to wonder if the surface Breezy has was installed face done. I originally wanted a honed look but
was told NOT to do this with the Vicostone. So we have the slick side up. It cleans easy and buffs with a damp sponge and dry cloth. Ours came from the main distribution point in Dallas , Texas. Maybe you have something that is from another fabricator ; however, ours is made in Vietnam. I am attaching a close up photo of the surface. I hope our holds up under the test of time. Hope this is helpful.

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Does anyone know where to find Vicostone in the SF bay area and does anyone who which color vicostone this is???

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I think it is an ad too because this photo is from the company, not the shill posting here as a consumer and posting it as their kitchen. Please read the rules of the board before you post. We don't tolerate this nonsense here!

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Funny that this thread came up again. I was at my fabricators yesterday looking at remnants for a bathroom, so I could see the markings underneath some of the quartz slabs. Pentalquartz is Vicostone.

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I am posting an additional photo. To one comment, yes the is our working kitchen. We live in a historic home and that's one reason I went for the look of the Vicostone Quartz. IF you are looking for more info contact Ms.
An Nguyen at the website
address is

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There is no advertising allowed on this forum and clearly, this is what you are doing. You are turning off more potential customers rather than obtaining new ones with your posing as a customer, when you're actually a rep of this company.

Reputable companies don't do this, or need to. Please refrain from peddling your product here!

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I called the pentalquartz distributer in my area and he said that he does not have the color I want, Bianco Venato, yet, but is calling to get a sample.

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peeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu. it absolutely STINKS of spam. go away elwood.

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Ok so I got the pental quartz that they call Vinatino and I don't like it AT ALL. The background is very white, which is great, but there are dark, black, almost pen mark, looking lines willy nilly on it. The torquay and Lyra, LG and FC, and almost all other marble look alike quartz I've seen look WAY better than this.

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Totally bogus post. Ellwood IS an historic home, but is a museum! No one lives there.

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Anyway, it's cheap "champagne." Should be a clue right there

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