Ever feel like...

frabeeSeptember 29, 2010

Anyone else out there sometimes feel like no one understands

what you're going through? Ever feel unloved, unappreciated, guilty and misunderstood? That's how I feel tonight. Menopause sure doesn't do much for self-confidence, does it?

Nobody prepared me for it being this bad...

Thanks for listening!

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I think I feel like this every day at the moment.... you are not alone!

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I feel like that a lot lately...I'm so thankful for the ladies on this forum - they get it!

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I feel useless, ugly - I get dressed away from the mirror until completely dressed, and even then - I look - and wonder where did the "old me" go. I get so depressed. It's almost like your life really is over.

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Yes, I think we all feel that way. No one prepared us for this. It is due to hormones being depleated and I for one am going to a Naturopath and perhaps a Acupuncturist. Also Ladies you must exercise and tell yourself this too shall pass. Try to stay as positive as possible. If necessary get on Anti-Depressants. They're are some good ones just get on a low dose. Try Zoloft.

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