Uterine cancer

young5344September 23, 2004

2 days ago I went in for surgery a routine removal of what was thought a polyp. It turned out to be a fibroid (benign and a big one). At the same time she scraped some of my uterine wall and that turned out to be uterine cancer. I now go in on the 6th of Oct for a complete hysterectomy and will have an oncologist assisting to do lymphy nod biopsies. Needless to say I sam numb. Anyone else have this to deal with in their life.

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young, I haven't, but I wanted to tell you you're in my thoughts.

Hang tough, and post what the results are.


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Thanks Sue. Will post my results. Surgery is the 6th and I don't know at this point how long I will have to wait to know the lymph node results. I see my gyn doctor Monday and might meet with the oncologist before hand to if I want to.

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Try to take it easy until then.

More hugs.

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I wanted to say that I've not experienced it, but, that my wishes are with you. I have, however, had deep abdominal surgery.

Make sure you have someone to take care of you when you get home. Ask for (demand) Tylenol with Codeine (Tylenol2) for those times when you need it during recovery. Have someone get the prescription filled and ready for you when you return home. Also, ask for a self-administering pain-killer drip (IV) in the hospital.

You won't be able to do stairs for awhile, but, you'll be able to walk right away (little walks).

Have lots of chocolate on hand -- dark chocolate (a natural pain-killer).

I hope they get it all out and that your lymph nodes are cancer-free.

Please let us know.

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Bbaird: Thanks for the info on the dark chocolate - yum. I already have the prescription for the pain meds that I will turn into my pharmacy and have it here when I return home. My doctor did tell me that I would have a drip in the hospital to self administer the pain meds. I am going to force myself to walk no matter what.

I'll post when I am able to after the surgery which is the 6th. Chest x-ray and pelvic cat scan and meeting with the Oncologist before the surgery.

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Right after surgery, when you awaken, you'll probably be very nauseated from the anesthesia. Trying to get up to walk around will feel miserable and impossible the first day. Once you force yourself to (with the help of a nurse), you'll feel a thousand times better. Just don't get too enthusiastic about walking around and doing things. The IV painkiller gives you a false sense of well-being. It's very easy to overdo it.

You're gonna do fine:) Just keep that chocolate coming!

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yeh chocolate and I love the dark chocolate - what a good excuse to pig out. Thanks for the info.

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