fangdangleSeptember 16, 2002

I decided to go off hrt. about three months ago.I did some research and came up with this natural source and thought it might work for some others.

Has helped me beyond what I had expected so far (power surges)and moods,sleeping better, just to mention a few symptoms.Have all but gone. Yes, I am holding my breath and thinking this is too good to be true but so far its working.Along with a healthy diet and exercise most days.

I am paying around 25.00 Canadian for them and take one a day.

Here is a link that might be useful: born again

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Hey FD :o) - This is great news! I know how concerned you were with getting off HRT and the back lash. How long did before the Meno-Herbs kicked in?


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I believe the hot flashes were gone within a couple of days.

I still have a hard time thinking somethings going to give soon but think positive right??

I did have a few hf. today but only because of the time of month.
HOpe you are still doing well on your choice.(Sarha) Keep my fingers crossed.

Anyone else doing well on a certain choice???

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