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Heathen1September 6, 2006

I live in California... I am a native.... and all of a sudden I found that with perimenopause, I am now allergic to the sun! At first, I thought it was something totally different, but now I've run into 3 other people who've had the same problem... hives from the sun. :o( anyone else out there with this problem?

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heathen1, did you see a dermatologist? Did you find out what you can do to help?
My husband is alergic to the ultraviolet rays and gets a terrible itchy rash and all they told him was to wear protective clothing and sunscreen and use a hydrocordisone cream for the itch. It really prevents it for him.

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hi! No... the doc didn't know what it was.... I didn't know what it was till recently when I was not feeling well and didn't go outside and it went away! :D The minute I go out in the sun again, back it comes! I have another doc's appointment in a bit, then I can ask for a referral. Of course, then it will be fall and sun won't be a worry. :D
Oh, I always wear sunscreen, it doesn't seem to help.

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That's a bummer! How 'bout full sun block? Wearing protective clothing is a pain too. I hope there's something that you will be able to do so you can still enjoy the sunshine. Keep us posted, ok.

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Well, the rash is pretty much only on my face and neck... why? I dunno! With our 100º plus temps during the summer, I'd pass out wearing protective clothing. It's been near 100 here this week in Sacramento. I have a pool too, but I generally swim later in the day. I wonder if that, oh I am having a blank on the name of it, it used to come in colors... as a total block out would work... I might look funny with it all over my face.... but I could wear it at home.

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