Silk or Satin Sheets???

zoewolfSeptember 14, 2007

I am almost 53, peri-menopausal and have been taking Estroven for approximately 6 to 8 months (mainly for the vitamins, as it apparently doesn't do much for the "hot flashes" that I think that I have begun having). It almost never occurs during the day -- only at night when I am trying to sleep. I have the ceiling fan over my bed going full blast most of the time, as well as having the patio door open all the way (my bedroom is on the second floor with a hugh deck -- as well as a HUGE, slient but deadly dog (70 lb. Chow) who sleeps there), however, it seems that it's ALWAYS too HOT.

I was thinking of buying some silk or satin sheets for my bed. When I was a few decades younger, I remember sleeping on them and thinking how cold they were.

Has anyone else tried this????

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Tried the satin pillow cases, not enough air gets thru those. Have you heard of the Chillowpillow. Google it, I dont have one but a co-worker does and loves it.

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I am having better sleep with "Modal Jersey sheets" from JC Penney. They are made from the Modal fabric that has a wick a way moisture capacity. They are online but look like discontinued as only twin and king available but I was able to get a queen set in a store at 60% off.
I was sleeping on Percale sheets which felt cool but when those night sweats occur it is like laying on plastic.
I have also been reading about sheets and blankets made of Bamboo, sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target and I will try them as well.

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One caution about the modal sheets. Apparently modal is very irritating to sensitive skin. It won't bother most people.

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