how to know menopause after hysterectomy

nanaofiveSeptember 23, 2007

Hi, Everyone, This is my first post on this forum. How do you know when you are menopausal or through it when you've had a hysterectomy? I had a hysterectomy at age 33, now I'm 53 and have had the symptoms of menopause, quite severe. But how can you know when it's over? My Dr. isn't very forthcoming with information, and I have asked him. Anyone have any insight for me? TIA Nancy

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I had a partial hyst at age 28, so the only things I have had to go by are the absence of premenstrual symptoms and emotional changes. When I had hormone levels checked, my estrogen was low-normal, progesterone and testosterone were low. FSH was still in normal range. I would think that at age 53, it's getting pretty close, since having even a partial hyst will usually cause an earlier menopause.
Mrs H

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Hi ive had a full hysterectomy at 30 now only have 1 ovary after suffering from a range of perimenopasaul symptoms i went and had a blood test to check if i was in fact perimenopausal the bloods came back normal WHAT how can this be , apparently unless your hormones are going crazy at a particular time of the month it wont show up even tho u r peri so just go off your symptoms and how u feel make a record of how u feel at particular times of the month this for me is the best indicator, trusting my own body and instincts and more importantly the symptoms i get, palpatations hot sweats panic attacks crashing fatigue some days especially when i am having palpatations ,running to the loo with weak bladder al these are indicators of perimenopause hope this helps sum ladies out there ok

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