Burning legs

bigackSeptember 19, 2002

Ok, all you girls out there. I'm 58, been post men. for several years., had full hysterectomy 2 yrs. ago, thyroid is ok, but my LEGS BURN, and I don't want them touching each other at night, can't lie still, etc. Anyone else have this, what is it, and what helps. I'd be forever grateful for some remedy, other than xanax, which can't be obtained too readily, too often. thanks, susan

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Hi bigack,
Do you have any other medical problems? Sounds like you might have something like "Restless Leg Syndrome". I have fibromyalgia, and lots of us have funky neuro symptoms like that. My legs have been buzzing (tingling) for about 6 years now. You also might have a peripheral neuropathy. Sometimes people get this with a B12 deficiency. I take sublingual B12 tablets from a good health store. It's 1000mcg of methylcobalamin. It's just about as good as an injection. You could try it for a month or 2, and see if you got some relief. Also, do an internet search on "burning legs" or "peripheral neuropathy" and maybe you can find some other possibilities to help you.
I occasionally have RSL (restless leg syndrome) and it's no fun. I hope you can find some relief soon.

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Hi, My legs burn quite a lot too. I thought it was perhaps a side effect from using HRT patches. I had a full hysterectomy including both ovaries about 10 years ago. Other than than I'm quite active and healthy but if anyone does know the cause I'd be pleased to hear about it.

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Now I have kidney problems they told me restless leg syndrome goes with that. It does isnt that an awful feeling.?

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I have restless leg syndrome for the past few years. I am in my 40's and not yet pre-meno, although I am quite forgetful. Couldn't even describe the tingling feeling to my doctor. Ran across the description while online looking for something else.

Haven't felt the tingling in a while, since I stopped exercising (bad me)but just thinking about it is making them tingle. Talk about pshyco-simatic.


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I just went to the doc with the same problem! She took me off Lopid (cholesterol med) and the burning is going away.

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Interested in your "burning Legs" - my feet burn or tingle, mostly the bottom - kind of feel like they have cardboard attached to the soles of my feet. Will try that B-12. I told the dr I might have Peripheral neuropathy and she was astounded I knew anything about it...duh.... Don't have diabetes, which it is usually associated with. I don't take other medications. Now I've developed an itching at times - all over my body, with the scratching making huge welts and the whole area looking inflamed. She said I had allergies and told me to take allergy medicine.... Think this is something else.

I appreciate all the help I've seen here!~

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I was involved in an automobile accident that required me to have an infusion on my neck. After my procedure, I was left with this dull feeling on the left side of my body, that also include this tingling burning sensation in my leg, my foot, and sometimes in the back of my left arm. My quack dr says I have some bruising and swelling on my spine and once they go away the burning will stop. But it havn't, its only gotten worst with time.

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