increased libido

eileen_2September 2, 2001

Has anyone had a similar experience to mine? I am 53 next month no period for 10 months (last year went 5/6 months with no period and then an extremely heavy period lasting weeks). Since periods finished flashes started, lost a stone and a half in weight, libido increased dramatically and emotions all over the place. Wake up feeling tearful and choked up, in tears a few times each day, it doesn`t take very much to start me off!

Not taking any HRT but on very emotional days feel like rushing down to see doctor.

Have read that when oestrogen stops there is an increase in testosterone which probably accounts for increased libido? Have also heard that the first 12 months after the menopause are the worst so I`m hoping emotions will calm down soon but hope libido doesn`t!

I`d love to know if anyone has experienced the same as me.

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DH wishes! ;-D


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So many ladies have just the opposite problem when they enter menopause. I don't envy you the mood changes, but I do wish I had your libido problem. So does my husband.

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