My face looks like a road map

mrs.mickiSeptember 26, 2006

Ok is it normal for my face to have more acne on it than a teenager going through puberty? No offense but Helen Keller could read my face and probaly tell a story. I didn't even have this many zitz when I was a kid.

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Oh boy, do I know what you mean! I never had acne when I was young either. It got really bad in my 40's and I'm now in my 50's and still need to use perscription (topical) medication. I've tried going without it because it's very expensive....but I can't. It's really embarassing to have acne at this age! According to my dermatologist this is a very common problem.

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I can relate too. I was a late bloomer and had good skin until I was 18, then had acne until I was 21. For the next 30 years I'd get the odd pimple just before my peroid. But now, at almost 51, I'm breaking out worse than my teenagers! They have been using Pro Active and it did wonders for their skin when nothing else worked, so looks like I'm buying myself some!

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The only thing is that when I use acne meds. my face gets really dry,than I have to use moisturizer than we break out even more. Can't win for losing

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If you're drying out with creams, you need to use one that's going to not only contain ingredients to clear your face, but hydrate you as well. The only line of products I've seen that effectively has this balance is Murad. Their web address is and will immediately showcase a product up top called, "Age Balancing Night Cream." I recommend you use this. It's made of retinol to keep pores clear and reduce the frequency of breakouts, but it also offers shea butter and soy bean oil to provide intense hydration as well. Again, it's the balance you need in order to not look so dried out.

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Okay d-lovely, I am tired of your spamming... if you don't stop, I will complain to iVillage. I tell ya, unsolicited spamming NEVER makes me want to buy... in fact, it makes me tell others NOT to buy.

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