Hey Annie!!!!

pkramer60August 23, 2014

Looks like you are getting your 15 minutes of fame on the GW.

Check out the side bar......

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Yes, I saw that, and I always have to grin. I almost never eat the stuff, so that's the one recipe that I'm "famous" for, LOL.

I do have to make more, though, if I ever get enough tomatoes. I'm getting half a dozen at a time, but no big pickings yet.

How are yours doing over there across the Lake?


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It is time for my annual thanks to you Annie. I just finished making my 19th and final batch for this year. I can't tell you how many graduations, baby showers, bridal showers and weddings that your recipe for this salsa has been enjoyed.

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Momof2doxies, I remembered that you made a LOT of the stuff, more than I usually do, that's for sure.

I did make a bunch in 4 ounce jars as wedding favors when Amanda got married, and it was a hit, a lot of people liked it better than candy.

We had salsa today for Maci's birthday party, but it was fresh, not canned, with the first of the year's tomatoes and that first fresh batch always seems the best.


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Much nicer than the cat-throwing-up-in-the-dryer pic, hehe.

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LOL, Katie, and I'm canning your chipotle catsup too, as soon as I get enough ripe tomatoes. Dang, they are ripening slowly here.


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Annie, I have about 3 serving trays of tomatoes but production has been low. We have had way too much rain, over 6 inches in the last 24 hours, so anything with a blush has been pulled. All 3 tomatoes. And other stuff is starting to rot again as we are soaked.

One tray became salsa this morning, so I only have 2 more to deal with. And the 7 long cukes in the fridge. If I can keep them firm until Tuesday, they may just go to the little food bank a few blocks away. They got my 5 monster zucchini yesterday.

Hoping that yours come in soon.

PS: Katie, if they would just get rid of the beetle photo...it creeps me out.

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If you have AdBlock Plus installed (and everyone should), you can right-click the Japanese Beetles and it will block it.

I like the other pics, but not that one, so I blocked it.

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Peppi, we aren't getting any rain over here, I've already been feeding the cattle hay since the pasture isn't growing. On the upside, I haven't had to mow the lawn since before 4th of July.

I picked 7 ripe tomatoes today, and one watermelon that I haven't cut yet so I don't know if it's ripe or not, I'll soon find out!


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Yeah Annie or to me (Grandma] the salsa was a hit at my moms wedding and at Maci's party people were eating as fast as you could get the chips out of the package.

*Monkey Princess*


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