premenstrual nausea when perimenopausal?

tanamaSeptember 27, 2005

Well, I've gone from having no PMS symptoms at all, to becoming a raging b#### when I'm PMS a few years ago when I first started showing signs of perimenopause, and now my body has decided to inflict intense PMS nausea and fatigue on me. The past several months it has gotten worse each month, to the point where yesterday I vomited and had to cancel my afternoon class (I teach) and go home and crawl into bed.

Any suggestions at all about how to deal with this? I tried anti-depressants for the emotional symptoms, they didn't do any good. I do occasionally take anti-anxiety meds when I'm PMSing (my wonderful menopausal doc gave the script to me with the order to "take them any time I feel like killing people") but that doesn't address the nausea. I swear that it makes me want to go back to the "herbal" remedies of my college days in the 70's since even after 25+ years I really get the feeling that it would help both the mood and the nausea, but that's not exactly my thing any more (though I do strongly feel it should be legalized, especially for medical stuff, but that's an entirely different topic). And I will admit to ocassionally sequestering myself in the guest room with a chickflick or book and a big shaker of strong martinis or mojitos when I feel that my family relationship would otherwise be endangered, but alcohol certainly won't help the nausea or solve any of the other problems.

I am a little afraid of any kind of hormones, since I had a really horrible experience when I tried birth control pills in the 70's, but right now I'll consider anything. I need my life and sanity back.

To say that I think that all that we are put through with this change of life stuff is heinous is the understatement of the century. We deal with all the inconvenience of bleeding several days a month for decades, and then we get THIS?!? No fair at all.

Can you tell that I'm PMSing right now?!?

Thanks for reading my disconnected rant, and for any suggestions you can make of things that helped the nausea. Even just hearing from someone else whose bodies responded with PMS-related nausea would help, just to know that I'm not alone.

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Hi Tanama,
I'm so sorry for all the troubles you're having. For some of us, perimenopause can be a long rough road, that lots of people would never believe. But we know it's true, 'cause it's happening to us!

I had a fair amount of nausea during perimenopause, and it's much better now. Can you figure out if you get it at certain times of the day, or if you eat certain things, or if it's when your stomach is empty? I began to notice that my "hot flashes" were composed of feeling like I was going to pass out, and alot of nausea....probably because of the vasodilation that was happening everywhere in my body.
Are you on any other meds?
I have discovered that vitamins make me very nauseous........and usually not for hours later......sometimes not until evening, when I've taken them in the morning! The B vitamins especially make me nauseous.......which is very unfortunate, since they're supposedly what we need to get through this phase!
How's your nutrition and your sleep?

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wow! i was looking for info on nauseousness and pms (since i've never had that problem) and up this came.... it sounds just like me! i'm only 39 and have been battling what i think is perimenopause for a good year now. at least, maybe a year and a half. it's also knocking my digestive system all out of whack, i'm breaking out like i haven't since i was a teen, and feel pregnant during pms! (unlike when i was younger)... (oh, my tubes are tied so it's unlikely i'm pregnant).... does this get better soon!? i feel like i'm gonna pass out lately. i'm nauseous. i'm raving and weepy. i'm pregnant without the reward! haaaaaa.... please tell me this gets better soon. (i refuse to do hrt, sounds too dangerous and i'm not exactly menopausal anyways)... have you suffered any ibs problems as well?! i'm a mess... i used to be so healthy. ah. to be young again....
thanks, kim

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Good lord!!
I suddenly this morning googled perimenopausal nausea, on an impulse, and this explains a LOT!!
I believe I hit perimenopause around 6-7 years ago (when I was 40-41) but for about a year or two before that, I used to feel nausea in the mornings. When I would clean my teeth after breakfast, I would heave, and sometimes even throw up. It got so bad that I eventually couldnt take anything other than a liquid breakfast. Even yogurt would make me throw up, or taking something like an aspirin or vitamin pill.
And now since about 3 years or so ago, I am fine again!! I can eat solid breakfast at no matter what time of the morning.
I used to say that it was because my stomach didn't wake up until about 2 hours after I did!!
I never even thought about this!! and indeed, there was a girl at work, a little older than me, who had been having the same symptoms (again, seemingly to do with the teeth-brushing!) - I no longer work there since 5 years ago so have no idea how she has fared, though.

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I have had almost constant nausea for three months.
I am 46 and was feeling horrible, so I went to my doctor, and ended up being diagnosed with severe anemia. I have had very heavy periods for a couple of years now.
Long story short, I went on a low dose birth control pill, and had five iron injections, all around the same time, three months ago.
At first I thought the nausea was from the iron. When the nausea did not go away, one month after the end of my taking iron, I stopped the birth control pill, thinking that perhaps that was the nausea culprit.
I am still severely nauseated, one month later, and have lost at least 10 pounds over the three months. I am worried, because I was only 120 pounds to start with. All my clothes are way too big and I have to make myself eat most of the time.
I have no idea what's making me so sick. I am going to a ob gyn next week to inquire about endometrial ablation, for my heavy periods. I am taking ginger capsules to help with the nausea, but it's always still there.
Perimenopause? What a ride...a sickening one...

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I am almost 49 and went through 4 months of nausea, anxiety and depression last year. I started on the progestin "mini-pill" and prozac and felt great for more than 9 months. I stopped the prozac after a few months and had no problems. Now it is all starting over again, and the thought of another 3 months or longer of the nausea and depression is daunting. This thread is not very active, but I'm posting so when someone else searches these awful symptoms they won't feel so alone.

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junegloom Hi I really feel ya im 46 and going through the pre menopause although the bloodwork shows nothing i have days days when i feel so ill bad thumping palpatations crashing fatigue not so much the nausea but i do get it i get the whole package panic attacks ,happy as a pig in a mud bath one minute crying my heart out the next i hate my 23 yr old son i hate my self i hate my body then im happy its a minefield so far ive ended up at the emergency room crying my eyes out at my wits end with the palps and my doc doesnt seem to understand just wants to plonk me on anti depressants my other doc wants me on hrt i am now self medicating with magnesium and calcium tablets and it totally helps i read about trying this for the palps so i tried it and it works its safe to take 500mg per day i take 166mg magnesium and 333mg calcium once or twice a day and it helps
at least i feel more in control of myself now u r not alone try the magnesium n calcium for a few days it might help u its worth a try take care ok gud look if u want to chat anytime my e mail is OK

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Wow... I'm so happy I googled "nausea and perimenopause". I've been so nauseated the past 2 months. I've been in peri now since 40 and I'm 47. I've been pretty lucky in my symptoms but good grief now the nausea. I have purchased the double pk Pepto at Costco and have a bottle in my car, purse, work and home. I'm literally that ill and I have to believe it's symptoms. What a relief to read others are sick to. Thanks

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Well, I am a mess, nausea, one boob hurts more than the other, cramps, tiredness.... I just turned 40 and I have never had PMS issues, it came and went and it didn't bother me, now I get a heavy flow one month and then the next two months one wipe and I am done. I hope I am not pregnant, but these symptoms are just like pregnancy symptoms. Ladies, thank you for sharing, I feel better knowing I am not alone in this, somewhere out there, there are beautiful women, feeling not so beautiful throwing up their bk's just like me!!!!!!

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I am 51 yrs. old and have been in serious perimenopause for about 2 years. I have irregular periods with nausea, fatigue and anxiety almost everyday. Every time I get my period I pray it is my last one. I am posting this because it helped me to read the women here and know that I am not alone. Some things that have helped me are cutting down on sugar, processed foods and eating a more natural, organic diet. I have noticed that when I eat tofu and soy products my system calms down. I have just started using OTC progesterone cream and hope that helps as well. My husband says I should exercise more. This may be true but to be honest most days I feel too sick. Now that spring is on its way I will try to take longer walks and see if that helps. Good luck and better health to all who read this.

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I am so thankful to all who posted here. I have been having extreme fatigue,nausea and some dizziness with ovulation and my cycles are different every month after being regular to the day for years. I am 45 and am hoping this is just peri menopausal stuff. I was using otc progesterone cream prior to about six months ago when all this started. I am going to go back on it from day 13 of my cycle to day 28 or i get my period. I am so hoping it will help.

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AMEN! I am 48, have one child and thought I was pregnant in Jan 2011 with my first missed period but did a urine test that was neg, then by feb. and another missed period and all the reg. pregn. symptoms I was sure, but another neg test and a neg. blood test all confirmed I was indeed not pregnant. I had no idea about nausea and perimenopause. I am very sad and depressed to realize i've hit this phase of my life, but of course, I'm of that age. I wanted to throw a brick at the two dr.s that just saw my age and said of course I am menopausal. I wanted to be pregnant just to prove them wrong. Alas, I am not. So yes I am suffering from nausea throughout the day;/night, have been off wine for a week now ( worse symptom to date) bloating in teh tummy/abdomen area, and very tired. I am gu essing this is all par for the course. It was great to see this site. Thank you to all who wrote here, it's one big circle of confirmation. Grrr.

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Soooooo very glad that I found this forum. I am 49 years old and I am 2 weeks past my period due date. I am experiencing nausea, which almost confirmed to me that I was pregnant. I went to the Dr. yesterday and had a urine test that came back negative. The Dr. told me that I am probably perimenopausal. My periods have always been to the day, to the minute! I am so happy to read that other women are experiencing nausea while perimenopausal!

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Hey Sheryl! i thought the same thing. I am 40 and my period was 4 weeks late! I was like ooooh Lord no! My period used to be every 28 days, like clockwork. LOL. I am glad to know that other women are going thru the same thing. I am nauseous, having headaches multiple times a week, and i had to put a fan at my desk! i thought i was losing it!

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WOW!!! I have been experiencing nausea for almost 2 years now.I am 36 years kids, no pregnancies and NOT pregnant! The nausea started out subtly and has become quite chronic.Not just mornings...most days into the night and then waking to it. It tends to be about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks out of the month. I too, adjusted my diet thinking for sure that must be it, and I already ate pretty healthy as it was. Noticed recently it seems to occur just before ovulation and lasts a week or so after ovulation. Not sure if it is connected. My periods have been fairly regular my entire life so I am not even sure if I am in fact perimenopausal. But, after reading this, I am thinking yes, perhaps. I have had blood work for the nausea; HepC, pancreas issues, gallbladder and liver....NOTHING. Doc even tried to put me on heartburn meds...I don't even know what heartburn is...never had it. Oh ladies!!! It just isn't fair. I wish you all Peace and hope we can keep our sanity through it all.....sick of feeling sick...I know that much.

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I am 46, in perimenopause, I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 40 and kept my ovaries, and started having nausea with stomach problems last November, it went away, and now since the beginning of April I've had stomach issues again, diarrhea, nausea, cramps....

The only relief I find is going on the BRAT diet, bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, though with the food aversions I've started having bread is a problem. If I try to eat any "normal" food, I'm right back where I started feeling awful, stomach cramps, nausea....from what I understand our digestive system is going through a lot with the loss of estrogen, which causes the cramps, diarrhea, when then in turn causes the nausea.

It's hard to eat such bland food everyday, when you are hungry like I am, but it's the only thing that keeps my stomach feeling ok. Otherwise I'm homebound with cramps. I had read another woman said her nausea came and went, ok for a few months, down for a few months.

Hope this helps somebody ; )

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I am very sorry to hear about others going through what I feel has been a challenging time. I too have had a lot of nausea and was afraid that something was really wrong. I had a lot of tests done and everything was negative (Thank God). Then I started to realize that I am perimenopausal and perhaps this is associeated with that! So I searched and was surprised at how many women are having the same symptoms. I noticed that I have been nauseated most in the mornings and in the mornings it seems as though my body temperature is off ( hot then cold, clammy). Something that I have tried which seems to work the best is taking over the counter meclizine. My doctor suggested it and it has been effective. But I have found myself having to take two tablets somedays whereas I used to only take one or a half tablet, but for the relief it has given me from the nausea, I recommend anyone with these symptoms try it. I pray that the Lord will help us all during this time in our lives!!

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Hi ladies,
I am so glad that I came across this site. I am sitting here, curled up on the couch under a blanket feeling very nauseous...again... at this very moment, and tired of it. Something prompted me to pick up the laptop, and do a little research, and so here I am. I am 41 years old. I didn't start my menses until age 16, and from then until age 30 I had very irregular periods (that runs in my family). I would get a period one month, then not have one for several months, then have my period again,one time I went 6 months without one! I felt very lucky! When I did have a period, I also had no PMS that I can recall, no symptoms of ovulation except for a pinchy feeling in my ovary area, it was a breeze. When I turned 35, I started having regular periods all of a sudden, not 28 day cycles mind you, but I would have one at least every 30-42 days. To ME, thats regular LOL. But I still didn't have a whole lot of PMS symptoms, other then mild-moderate cramps for the first day. I actually thought it was a blessing, because I still had no PMS, yet I was having regular periods! I got married at age 36, and at about age 38 my husband and I started TTC a baby, i did all the charting, and temping, and even had to buy loads of ovulation tests so i could find out when i was ovulating, because i had no symptoms. We weren't successful in TTC, and now that I'm 41 I'm afraid to even try anymore (my husband is 9 years older then me) I don't want to risk my health or the health of a baby due to age factors, so we are adopting..but in the last 2 years, I have noticed my cycles changing, and having more and more bothersome symptoms. At first I thought it was because I was suddenly SO in tune with my body, and being aware of every little thing I felt so i could log it in my fertility chart , that all of a sudden my cycles started becoming more and more uncomfortable, but now i don't think that's the case. After everything I have read today, I believe I am also perimenopausal. I have routine blood work done every year, and it's always fine.( Thank God). But for the last year... I have been wondering if there was something wrong with me, and now I know that there isn't! My cycles are still between 30-40 days, and the same length. But the problem is... I feel unwell in one way or another for most of my cycles. I have lots of ovulation sysmptoms now... my nipples start out mildly sore, progressing over a few days to severely sore, like you dont even want to accidentally brush up against anything, I still feel the pinchy feeling in my ovaries, but now I sometimes get menstrual type cramps, migraines, and bad nausea for a day or so. I feel energetic before ovulation, but during, i am fatigued and wiped out. My appetite increases before ovulation also, but then during i cant eat because of the nausea.I feel Hot and flushed, i get a sore throat, even allergies and feel plain miserable. After I ovulate, my ttemperate rises, like normal, but it seems to go higher then it used to! In my follicular phase I am normally about 97.5, in my Luteal phase I peak about mid way through at 99.1 or so! I also have really bad PMS now that seems to start 10 days before AF arrives. Physically I feel dizzy, hot, cold, chills, clammy, bloated,nausea,headaches,mild cramping, sore breasts,sore throat,fatigue,aches,indigestion, insomnia, and emotionally depressed, moody, irritable, impatient, etc..etc..and then i seem to feel very nauseous for several days after AF is gone. I feel ok for maybe a week out of the whole cycle. My main complaint being the nausea. It can be for a brief time each day, or on and off each day, sometimes all day. Sometimes I can't eat anything i feel so nauseous, except for liquids and toast and crackers! Sometimes I feel like nothing I eat agrees with me anymore! soemtimes I feel ok, until i eat, and then I feel so nauseous, but then sometimes I feel better if I can eat something! it's crazy! I eat pretty healthy now, where as I didn't used to, and sometimes it still doesn't matter! I also find, that i have an increased sense of smell, and the smell of certain foods cooking just makes me want to vomit! Especially meat! And that never used to bother me before! I love to eat, and a lot of days, i can't even think about eating! NOW I know WHY! I never really thought about it before..I guess I just figured my cycles would stay the same until they stopped at menopause, I never knew about, or gave much thought to this perimenopause stage! I do feel better knowing there's nothing wrong with me, and that I'm not alone in feeling the way i do. I think that alone can help. I do exercise and do Tai Chi, but I'm going to start alternating with Yoga also, and try to eat even healthier. I know onw thing I need to cut out is chocolate, I am a choc-aholic! And that's not good for anything I'm feeling.Eat more fruit and vegetables, protein etc. I do take vitamins every day... and I just started that in the last year or so because they always used to upset my stomache, so I'm wondering if these aren't making my nausea worse? I'm going to stop taking them for a week or so, and see if it makes any difference. It is a catch 22, because vitamins are supposed to be taken for health, but if they make me feel ill, I'm not going to take them! I also take flax seed oil for Omega's. Instead of just taking Tums, which dont help, I have gotten good advice here today about green tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, even sucking on peppermints etc.. for nausea. I'm going to keep these things on hand, and try them when i feel nauseous, and also try the aromatherapy. I'm going to look more into soy products and the OTC progesterone cream... can anyone who has used this , tell me how they used it, and how it helped or didn't help them? I also want to look into those suppliments for perimenopause.. also if anyone has tried them... please tell me if they helped! Did they have any side effects? I will never do HRT because of the risks, so I'm going to have to find ways to manage and alleviate my symptoms naturally.
Thank you ladies, for all your personal stories, advice and information, it has helped me immensley today, and I hope my story will help someone else as well :-)
One thing I do know.. is that this 'time of life' does not in any way affect who we are, does not make us less beautiful, less sexy, less desirable, or any less of a woman. We are still only as old as we think and feel. We are still strong and beautiful and incredible!! God Bless Us All!!!

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Emily, just curious....have you and your doctor ever talked about the possibility of polycystic ovarian syndrome? I spent 10 years trying to get prenant (with your symptoms)?. I was diagnosed with PCOS, took "Metformin" (bought w/ prescription for $4) and got pregnant.

Just curious. It worked for me twice. =) I wish you the best with adoption plans....but, looking into PCOS might be worth a shot too.

Now I'm on this site, because I think I'm perimenopausal too. Ugh.

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It's been 2 years since I visited this site, and thought I would write an encouraging update for those going through nausea/anxiety/diarrhea. At 48 I began having severe morning nausea & diarrhea, along with dizziness and intermittent migraine headaches. I tried to keep a journal, and the symptoms definitely correlated to periods. Doctors were stumped, never heard of nausea associated with perimenopause. I finally convinced my gyno. of the correlation, and she put me on the progestin only mini pill. I began to feel better after a few months and stayed on the pill for one year. My periods eventually stopped, and very gradually I began to feel better. I never had a single hot flash! Now I am 50 and feel great. No nausea, no headaches, no anxiety, and best of all, no medications. I write this as encouragement. Take the meds now if you need them, you won't need them forever.

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Has anyone tried vitex or Agnus-Castus? It is a herbal remedy for the relief of premenstrual symptoms. It helps maintain hormonal balance. since I was 38yo, I have suffered nausea one week after ovulation until 2-3 days before period. It is very clearly hormonally linked as I had a baby at 40yo and as soon as I stopped breast feeding and period returned the nausea was back with a vengence. I had been put on vitex by a fertility naturopath to help with hormonal balance and it never did a thing - it was only 100 mg per day. So, when I saw a 1g formulation I thought I'd give it a go - and it worked brilliantly for 6 months. It stopped working and I tried another formulation marketed as 30plus with vitex (500 mg) and black cohosh. Apparently black cohosh can be a bit rough on the liver so I take it for a month or two then switch back to vitex.
I have never met anyone else who suffers from nausea so it was great to read that I am not alone. I am now 43yo and hope I don't have to put up with this until I am 50!! I guess thats my punishment for having pain free regular periods.

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So glad to know that I'm not going out of my mind! I knew that I was in peri-menopause when my periods were starting and stopping......however my M.D. kept saying:"You can't be in menopause, your blood work shows that you are no where near.." Meanwhile starting at the age of 47, I had heavy periods, that would last from 3-11 days, very irregular and then the mind fog, and sudden mood swings. Then I drove my Doctor crazy, dong blood tests etc b/c my joints and muscles would ache (I couldn't hardly get out of my chair), I had terrible nausea and fatigue. It was crazy, as I used to run, have tons of energy, look after my family, full time job. Then last year, periods became very irregular (every 6 mons) and now I haven't had one since January....... I started pilates, hiking and getting lots of sumshine (this has helped tremendously). I started taking B50s, black cohosh which really helped my energy level. However, NOW after 1.5 years, the nausea is back with a vengence and the extreme fatigue. I'm turning 50 this year and I'm not sure what to do next......I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the nausea and fatigue - It's AWFUL! Its so hard to enjoy life......There has to be something out there!

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Oh my gosh I think that this menopause or peri-menopause is driving me crazy! I already have major anxiety and now feel like I'm PMSing all the time! I am 46 and was on depo-provera for years. Stopped taking it about a year ago, but I am wondering if these menopausal symptoms would be eased if I could go back on it. Does anyone know if that's possible if I am indeed going through menopause or peri-menopause?

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I am very happy to have found this thread. I just started having nausea for really no apparent reason at different times of the month. I am 42. I also have diabetes which is in very good control (A1C in the 5's for over a year!). About month before I started getting the nausea (with that comes exhaustion, fatique and foggy head bleech) I had a huge clot be released a few days after my period ended. Now I do not trust my body anymore - I wear a tampon and pad anytime I have to go anywhere where access to a bathroom may not be immediate. It is bad enough having the cramps before the period but this is horrible! I have been trying to chart mine and it seems to happen every 10 days so far. Also I had my period twice in one month before the nausea started. That has never happpen to me before. I have spoken with a few others who say they have the same thing but than other women who are like "My menopause was fine so it must be something else" - What? Well, than you got lucky. I am a very healthy eater, thin (too thin actually) and as far as I know I do not have any other female problems. I worry that this might be cancer or something. But when I told my doctor about it, she said it was probably a virus and I should just keep an eye on it. Well, it is still coming back. I never have it in the evening usually only in the late morning/ mid afternoon. It isn't my blood sugar levels because I have tested them at numerous times when I was very nauseated and the levels have been varied.

Sometimes the ginger helps but sometimes it doesn't. Any real relief (although temporary) comes from burping - and of course for some reason, my body has always had problems burping. How I love to burp now! :) I am in a bad mood because I do not feel good. I think it is ridiculous that there aren't much treatments are help for this. Since my diet is already limited because I am a vegan and diabetic, there isn't too much else I can limit on.

I was told there was a hormonal test that can be taken to figure out whether the nausea is from hormone levels. Anyone have this test done? I can't imagine dealing with this for years and years until I officially "dry up" ugh. It is so exhausting. The thing that sucks is that I still get my period. In exchange for dealing with this nausea crap, I would appreciate a skipped period or two please. Not EXTRA ones. Geez. The torture we have to go through.

I definately can not wait to go to the womans doctor again. But I am on a special program for women with no insurance so I can only have so many visits a year. I have had precancerous cells removed from my cervix about a year back because of HPV. I wonder if something like this could kick of the perimenopausal stuff. My mom had a hystorectomy at 38 so she never went through this so I can't tell if this is the age (42) when women in our families might start this. I hate not having any answers but even worse is trying to live life with this. But I am happy to see it is just not me and I am in good company here. :) I am sick of listening to those "smug" women out there who have no perimenopausal symptoms at all. You just got lucky woman!

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Maybe these women just don't correlate any of their symptoms, if they have any, to menopause. I didn't. Some women don't get a lot of symptoms and go through it fine but the majority really do experience some symptoms. I have had nausea, gerd, anxiety, trouble sleeping and just recently figured it was Peri-menopause causing most of this. Most doctors, not even my OBGYN offered much help at all!! Especially for the insomnia and anxiety. Every woman will experience this time in her life differently and at different times. Just know that YOU are not alone in this.

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I'm right there with all of you! I go to a naturapath and he's been trying many things---progesterone cream helped a bit for a while. Then, B-complex and chasteberry. Now, added etrogen cream. So far, we're not making any headway. Nausea, lightheadedness, shakyness continues mid-cycle, pre-cycle and really bad during the cycle. Morning sickness with no baby in sight isn't cool. I hope you are figuring this out and feel better soon!

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WOW - I never thought about perimenopause being the cause of my nausea and headaches. I have been having irregular periods for about 1 1/2 years. Have 1, miss 2 have 2 miss 3, you get the idea. Anyway, about 2 months ago I started feeling like crap. I would say, at least 3 out of 5 days a week, I feel like I'm pregnant. LOL. I am 50 years old, had my tubes tied at 32. The days I feel like crap I am nauseated, terrible headache and very tired. Very glad to have found this info., and glad to know I'm not crazy. Hope we all get through this quickly!

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I am 46, have had 2 children (at 38 & 40), and this decade of my life stinks!!! I've always been regular, to the day, always felt ovulation (it was always painful), and generally had no problems with menstruation. This was actually how I conceived my kids; I knew exactly when I was ovualting! First one on the first try, the second one on the third try. But now, I'm miserable. Between the nausea, the pains/soreness in my pelvis, the night-time adrenaline rushes that wake me from a dead sleep, the extreme fatigue that keeps me in bed for the whole day and the on and off of needing to move the ol' bowels-a-rooney an entire day, I wanna scream!! My periods started becoming irregular about 2 years ago, and as of today, it's been a month and 3 weeks since it's reared it's ugly head. I've taken some advice off of this site (regarding the perimenopause with nighttime panic attacks), which is the B6 with Magnesium...the jury is still out. MRI report says small uterine fibroid, and a couple of small cysts. Heading to the gyno next's to taking it day by day & knowing that I'm not alone! Feel better Ladies!!

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Thank goodness for this site. It is another evening of nausea, anxiety, fatigue but can't sleep and I come here and don't feel so alone. I am 49 and hoping this ends soon but with fairly regular but much later and shorter periods I just don't know. Some days I just don't know who I am, i am in a fog of fatigue and anxiety. God Bless us all!!

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I too am glad I found this site. The nausea, dizziness, faitgue, insomnia, cramps, mind fog and mood swings have plagued me for awhile now. Some months are worse than others. I really hate this nausea thing...going through it right now with my period. It went from being just a few days before my period to a week before my periods to around ovulation and lasting now from than through my period. Mine was mostly mornings but seems to be all day/night varies times throughout and lasting up to an hour or two some of those times. AAaargghhh! I was glad to see that i am not alone on this. While many of the post have really helped me and given me ideas to try I also want to know if anyone has used those over the counter products like Estroven before I go spending money on them and if they helped any. I priced them and even the store brand is high when things are so tight. I don't want HRT either and I really hate taking anything that isn't natural or herbal...and yes sometimes I find myself wishing that cannibis will be legalized. No I am not a pothead but yes I have smoked it in my life. It sure would be great right about now. OK nausea is my main issue that I began researching the web but I also need to know other than stupid antidepressants and anxiety pills what can I do for the my emotinal bouts and mood swings. I don't want to lose the man in my life. I finally have the one I have gone through Hell & heartbreaks for...he found me :)Its true when you stop looking the right one will find you. I know when I have these bouts it doesn't help when we already have so much that we are going through. I get wishy washy, my mind starts playing tricks on making me think things that just aren't true like he doesn't want me anymore and yes I have noticed a pattern with this. It happens a week or two before my period and this month it did and is still kind of there. Thankfully it hasn't been every month. Last month wasn't bad with this, but when I get it...ITS BAD! Also, not just my boyfriend how do I not drive everyone else crazy with my moodiness other that isolating myself which sometimes make it worse because than I take my nauseated, emotional/mood swing self and start listening to sappy emotional music doesn't matter if its 80s rock or country and I make my emotions worse. I cried myself to sleep the other night. Went to work with very little sleep and though I was extremely tired I still managed to have another insomnia night...listening to music last night no crying though instead went to the store to get more stuff for the good ol' period since my first few days are so heavy now for the past 6 months maybe longer that I use both tampons and pads. I don't like the bulky pads so I get thin ones which I don't like much but at least no bulk. Mine to are not what the used to be. I would go my 6-7 days now during the week again the heavy flow first few days to stopping for almost a day comes back not so heavy but back may stop one more time and start before its completely over. It really is insane what we women go through. Well since I went on and on I will leave it at this...ladies we are not crazy with our nausea, other symptoms and if our emotional bouts and mood swing cause us to have to isolate ourselves I guess we can come here and lean on each other til its over. I only have one good week out of the month...guess I will be coming here for 3 weeks huh?

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I always had severe cramps monthly and controlled them with the pill for most of my life but when I hit 45 or so I had to go off due to high choresterol and migraines and started having severe bleeding, horrible cramps and severe nausea and dizziness with every period. It was much worse than ever in my life. I was incapacitated. I ended up being anemic from blood loss. I had never had nausea with my periods. I had a Novasure endometrial ablation and it was a miracle.

I still have migraines, night sweats, anxiety, palpitations and brain fog but at least I'm not nauseated, anemic nor cramping.

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I turned 48 this July and have been going through almost all the symptoms you ladies have mentioned here:nausea, hot flashes, palpitations, joint pains, brain fog, depression, weight gain, weird periods,mood swings, dizziness, headaches, em! I have always been fit and healthy and my weight has always varied within a couple of kilos of my average weight. I play sports, martial arts, cycling, yoga, anything physical and fun is good with me. A year ago, I started noticing a little roll of fat around my middle and my thighs and the symptoms got even worse. Since my husband is much younger than me, we suspected pregnancy several times but turns out it was perimenopause. Happy to be here and know I am not the only one feeling like crap and crazy. I am taking an ayurvedic tablet called Evanova and Menosan from Himalaya drugs, which contains the herb shatavari. I also take soya milk and use natural progesterone cream. I exercise 5-6 days a week, have a good sex life and enjoy life like a 20 year old. It helps. A lot. I feel great and perimenopause can go sod itself.

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I, too, am very happy to read this thread. First half of 2011 I suffered regular bouts of nausea that would last a week. As I had a hysterectomy in 2008 (but kept my ovaries) I have no idea what part of the cycle I am in. However I can hazard a pretty good guess with tenderness, headache, nausea etc. I mentioned to my Dr at that time that I wondered if the nausea was from hormones, and she said that was not possible. She gave me every test possible to get to the bottom of the nausea, even an MRI on my brain - all clear, but the nausea remained.
I am nearly 46 and I had an awful time when I started menses at 11. One thing that has me feeling reassured is that others have mentioned anxiety and panic attacks. I have been getting those as well. Dr thought anxiety might stem from a chronic medical condition I have, however there is no rhyme or reason to these panic attacks. One minute I feel great, the next I am overwrought anxious mess! Xanax does help, Dr sent me to a psychiatrist who prescribed it for me. The reason I felt the nausea was hormone related is because it felt so much like morning sickness to me - I've had 2 kids.
Anyway, the nausea has decided to come back, have spent the past few days with a bloated stomach, nausea coming and going, sudden surges of panic and anxiety (not linked to anything I am doing) and dizziness.
Thankyou all for posting your experiences, I feel relieved that I am not just going mad!

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Hello all, thank you for starting a topic on this issue. I too wake up feeling nauseated several times a month, sometimes daily. I knew immediately it had to be hormonal. It indeed feels like what a pregnant woman feels.
I typically take a swig of peptol bismal and/or drink a warm cup of Mint Medley Herbal tea. The feeling usually disappears by the time I leave the house.
The worst thing for nausea would be caffeine.
I am 52 with irregular periods after having lost my cycle from 2000 to 2009 due to being severely underweight.

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I have found that for me when I exercise EVERYDAY and also take Evening Primrose oil supplement I feel very little effects. I had severe breast pain and they would get warm and full almost like as when pregnant. Since taking the Primrose I do not experience any breast issues at all. It's cheap I get it at Walmart and take it daily. My mother told me it was something she had as well and it's just a natural thing I'd have to go through, but I wouldn't settle for that. I hope this tidbit of information can help. I do eat very very green & lean now in conjunction with the supplement.

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Hello everyone. It really is such a relief to know I'm neither pregnant (even though my silly brain keeps telling me I am) or imagining how I feel. I've had 4 children and never had morning sickness apart from a bit of queasiness. But I'm now 3 days into my second bout of bad nausea and this time my sense of smell is working overtime! And I would like to take my breasts off and hang them on a hook till they start behaving. I've lived with depression/anxiety and panic attacks since I was 5 months pregnant with my last child. I'm hoping it isn't going to come back in force with the onset of this period of life. Thank you all for posting so openly about your physical and sometimes mental symptoms. It helps.

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Hello Ladies. Thank God I found this site. These are my symptoms:
Extreme Fatigue
Nausea ( sick feeling)
Headaches (every morning for about 4 days!)
Mild Cramps in mid cycle with spotting
Pimples on chest (never had these)
Shaky (wt*?!!!)
Faster than normal heart beat and palpitations
I just turned 46 and just started having cramps after my period about 6 months ago with spotting. Then on an off headaches. Now about two weeks ago I began to feel shaky all day long!! I freaked out, I though I was getting a condition or something. Then I started having headaches when I first got up in the morning. I thought I was having high blood pressure and went to the pharmacy to check it but it was normal. And the sick feeling all day long. Thank God I was able to eat but not just anything. All these symptoms with extreme fatigue that makes me want to stay in bed. I do wake up at night hot but it is because my room is not as cold as my body needs it because when it is cold I sleep fine.

I have never heard of nausea being a symptom caused by hormonal unbalance. I have been sooooo worried until I found this site. I have no female friends my age that I can talk to about these things and my mother lives in another country where I cannot call frequently but I will definitely ask her next time I speak to her. Thank God she is still here. Hoping everyone feels better soon.

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I am so glad to have found this site! I've been dealing with nausea on and off for over a year and since December (when I turned 46) I've been dealing with it monthly. I've researched all the symptoms of perimenopause and nausea is not mentioned at all. I've been concerned because we're right in the middle of cold/flu/stomach flu season and I keep thinking that maybe I have the stomach flu. But I never vomit or have a fever....just nausea most of the day. I might go a few days without nausea and then it hits again for a week or two. I can't believe how awful I feel....I just want to cry. Another weird symptom I get is the "milk let down" sensation only with no milk. I am 46 and haven't nursed in 15 years. Does anyone else get that sensation? I also get cramps when I don't have my period. Other symptoms like fatigue and headaches are present, though not problematic, and I also notice that i wake up jittery in the morning. Lightheadedness/dizziness has been happening more often and I thought maybe it was my blood pressure medicine. I keep thinking, "what is wrong with me? I feel like I'm falling apart." Thanks to everyone who posted and shared your story. It's a great encouragement to me!

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You don't know how much it means to me to find all these posts about nausea in perimenopause/menopause! Oh, wait--yes, you do, because you've been miserable like I am! ;)

Really, I Googled this topic this morning out of desperation, ladies. Last night, I made a nice meatball stew with cornbread--then threw up maybe 30 minutes after I'd eaten it. I had taken my prescribed Prilosec, too. (Didn't bother with that this morning. I'm drinking hot tea with honey and munching on toast. I guess I'll try a bland BRACT diet for a few days. Ugh.)

I'm 53, almost 54, and I KNOW I'm in perimenopause. (As my older sister said recently, "Aren't you done with that YET?" Thanks, sis.) I had the test almost two years ago at my OB-GYN's office. (I can't remember whether I made it to the OB-GYN last year because my older daughter was pregnant with twins, and life was just crazy, but I'm seeing my doc next month.)

Anyway, my history. I've had godawful PMS (mood swings) about three-fourths of the time since I was a teenager. I try to keep a record of my periods, but I still get blindsided. I can't believe I'm still married to the same man (31 years), I'm such a mess sometimes. Honestly, it isn't as bad as it used to be--well, some of the time--but then again I don't have periods regularly like I used to. For the past couple of years, I've skipped a month or so in the summer, then a couple of months in the winter. Weird, huh? Right now, I have skipped three months--the longest period without a period ever. I think I'm on my way.

But the nausea. I guess misery loves company, because it comforts me to know that everyone else is as miserable as I am. I hope we are all correct, that it's just menopause and we'll get over it in time. I hope we don't overlook gall bladder issues or worse. Please, everyone, let's get to the doctor, just in case! I am going.

Here's what's been happening to me. I've been dealing with this for more than a year now. Usually, it's just like vague morning sickness. I can't stand to smell eggs cooking (my husband loves to make omelets) all of a sudden. I can't drink coffee on an empty stomach anymore or my stomach will either hurt or get nauseous. If I don't eat meals on time, I feel nauseous. Just last week, after church, we went to my daughter's house to babysit her twins and didn't eat lunch until 2 or so. I had to pull over by the side of the road and do this little urpy thing. Then, we ate some lunch and I was OK. Same thing can happen at night.

I hadn't thought about tying the nausea to my cycle until I read some of your posts, but now that I look at my calendar, I can see that it "should" be about time for my period! Also, since I've been keeping track most months, I can look back and see that I threw up last March (just got nauseated by ONE BITE of a peach after dinner!) just a few days before my period started.

I'm going to start keeping track of more little things like that. I've also had sort of a low-grade headache this week. Last week, I had a cold, so I thought it was related, but it wasn't much of a cold and now I think that, too, is a symptom of menopause.

The nausea has been really discouraging for me, too. My husband and teenage daughter get up early several mornings a week and go work out. I think they think I'm just lazy, but I seriously do not feel like working out in the mornings, and just a few years ago I would get up early and take bike rides. According to my internist's office, I lost six pounds in a year--and I didn't weigh that much to begin with. I don't feel "strong skinny," just on the thin side and kind of weak, whereas I used to be smallish-kind of rounded. :( I don't look forward to going out to dinner because I'm not sure how I'll feel about the food! I know for certain I won't be able to eat a whole order without feeling nauseous!

Reading everyone else's posts helps me see that this a question for my OB-GYN, maybe not my internist, who has me on Prilosec twice a day. (This seemed to help at first, when I started about a month ago, but not so much now.) I'm glad I'm seeing her soon.

Thanks so much, everyone. I feel so much relief knowing I'm not ALONE in this symptom, since it seems to be kind of unusual (my good friends tend to have the night sweats problem.) I know we'll all get through this and feel better, hopefully very soon!

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What a relief to find other suffering the same as me!,
I am 45 and have been suffering a multitude of symptoms since I was about 41. I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks and they are 100 times worse when I am due for AF. I am taking lexapro to manage those symptoms, and it generally works....of course not when I am due!
I have very irregular periods and they are very very heavy with clots. I have tried two different types of BC pills, neither of which worked, in fact they both had side effects like migraines and severe nausea.
Prior to my period I have massive anxiety (Valium helps), cramps, nausea and am unable to sleep. My cycle is between 24 to 37 days and each visit stays for about 7 to 9 days.
I also suffer really horrible nausea after each period. It starts on the last day of my cycle and last about 5 days. I am actually off work again. Today because I am too ill and too tired to get there.
My GP has recommended a hysterectomy and says I need to talk to the Gyno about removal of ovaries. I know it sends you into automatic menopause, meaning hrt patches but at this point I'm prepared to do anything to end this monthly torture.

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Thank God I finally found this page-I thought I was starting to lose my mind!! I have always had horrible periods since I was 14, on b.c. @ 16 to help w/the symptoms & they did to a degree. Now I am 47 with a 7 yr. old that I have waited all my life to have & I feel like such a bad wife & mom:( What should be the happiest time of my life has become a nightmare: nausea, migraines for @ least 2 weeks, the week prior & the week of my cycle. I feel like I have morning sickness but am not pregnant! I am either a crazy b*#•h or weeping which doesn't help my migraines. I feel like I have 1 decent week a month now. Going to the gyn. on the 16th to discover my options. Just desperate. Thanks for having this site-I am not crazy:)

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I am 49 (but lied on my birthday saying I was 10 yrs younger and was told that i looked good for my age). I am in denial. Serious denial.

I take thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism. I have a sensitive stomach and have had times of depression in the past. I also have never been able to stand hot weather. This year, the nausea has gotten worse. I have found the summer heat extra hard to endure. I blamed it on the stress of moving and soldiered on in denial.

I have never had children. At first I didn't want any then I went thru a difficult time in my life and it would have been irresponsible to drag an innocent life into my world. Now, I regret having no family and dread the idea of menopause.

Many of you ladies are struggling worse than I am. I have an appointment with a new md soon. My gp has been going thru a midlife crisis and has joined a medical group. I feel like he isn't paying attention anymore. I got fed up and changed doctors. I hope that I like the new one.

I am dealing with my denial and searching this forum for natural supplements. Years ago, I remember waiting in line at a pharmacy and hearing the pharmacist recommend a certain supplement. Two ladies in line said it was "the best". i wish I wrote it down.

FYI, people looking for a B vitamin or B12 supplement that won't induce nausea may have luck with a sublingual supplement. B12 is hard to absorb any other way. You also need B12 if you are anemic. It is involved in the iron/hemoglobin reaction. (I have a background in chemistry & biology. There is a chapter on this in my Biochem book. Many doctors don't know this. Medical schools require minimal nutritional studies.). My doctor recommended iron supplements, but they made me vomit violently. I tried every formulation I could find, but they all made me vomit. I try to eat more meat and dark green veggies. I hope the new doctor has a suggestion about the iron and is willing to give me regular B12 shots.

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I am 45 years old and have been going through what I believe is periomenopause. I have waves of anxiety, and have never been anxious in my life. Nausea, which is worse near the week of my period. More headaches. Tight calf muscles. Achy back like when a period is coming. Some days I am exhausted and have no energy to do anything. I work full time, and have two teenagers that are very involved in sports. So not alot of down time. I am not complaining just needed to know I am not alone on this.

Some days I think I am going crazy. Have had blood work done and everything comes back normal. Don't get me wrong this is good, but when you feel like sh*t you want an answer. I only have liquid breakfasts. Alot of the time i am not very hungry. Then finally for about 5 days I feel good and want to eat everything in sight.

For you ladies out there know that you are not alone. If anyone finds something helps this please let me know.

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I'm 42 and possibly peri menopausal. I feel every twinge in my body because I'm not on any pharm drugs. I'm 3 days late for my period. I've had nausea all 3 days. Scared me into a preg test--negative. I've had headache sensations for a week. Craving carbs, feeling hopeless, fatigued, not to mention having a common core school curriculum meltdown. I take supplements for women over 40 to help balance hormones. I can say they were working until this past week. I added hawthorn berry and co q10 just five days ago. I don't know yet if that change is related, but I will be watching more closely to see. In the meantime, I'll drink some nettle leaf or ginger tea daily. Thanks for all the posts. Keep googling 'what to take for peri menopause' or ' how to treat menopausal symtoms naturally'.

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It's been 9 months since my last post. Some things have changed....others, not so much!! I went to my Gyno and he recommended I try a Mirena, this was fitted in April. I was so hopeful for positive things as two of my friends were period free and symptom free after having one. Nooooo...not me, not that simple! I still have my monthly visit, true it's not heavy and shorter....but the worst thing is I still get the nausea prior to my cycle and if anything my anxiety is worse. So, I now take valium every day leading up to my cycle and a couple of days after as I still get very bad nausea, the GP has also prescribed Ondaneston to help with the nausea. I'm now 46 and just want this to be over :(

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LornaC1968, it is interesting that you mention Mirena. I have recently heard from two different women how awful they have found it, especially for depression. Both said they couldn't wait to have it removed. They had other symptoms as well, like lots of acne, sleep disturbance etc.
I still get some nausea and the panic attacks are fewer, but I still believe it is associated with changing hormones.

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I have been looking for blogs on this subject for days. Hi ladies, i just turned 48, and let me tell you its been the worst bday present ever. last month I had my period as usual and on the date. this month, I was like ummmm okay "where are you?" today is jan 30th, and basically im late, or aunt flow is done visiting. this past week I been a full on b%tch. I have been having nausea for about 3-4 days with headache and last night major fever okay maybe night in denial lol. anyway I have a question for all you pretty ladies. Does your period just stop? could I be prego I took 2 test both negative. boobs hurt, but a month ago I thought they were going to explode. I guess I should go to my doctor considering im anemic too. im just so frustrated....I have crsmps and just want to sleep all day. im in premenopause aren't I?
I just want cry or yell at my boyfriend ir 18yr old and they dont deserve it. WHY GOD WHY GOD US WOMEN.

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Thank you ladies for posting on this site, good to know its just not me. I am 45 yrs old and I basically have every symptom relating to pre menopause, right now its the nausea its such a Debbie downer! I want to so much enjoy life but this keeps getting in the way, I don't know what to do so I found this site and read all your post I thing I will try the BRAT diet and the spearmint tea, hoping it brings relieve to the nausea. I just keep getting dismiss by my doctor telling me all your test come back negative your fine its just your too stress you need to relax oh really how can I relax with all these symptoms I'm going thru, nervous anxiety joint pain nausea and the mood swings and this doctors wants me to relax!!!!! Grrrrr!!!! I truly believe more money and research needs to be spent on Women's health what we go thru is hell and after all if it wasn't for us bringing life into this world where would we all be?!?!

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Juanita Vasquez

WTF??'s like the POSEIDON MEETS TITANIC!!! I'm 47 with type 2 diabetes for the past 20 years. My cycles, which now feel more like cyclones, were always a bit wiggidie whacked. But I've noticed over the past year, I would get real tired about a week before my fun would begin. I take insulin, HBP meds, high cholesterol meds, and Gabepentin for neuropathy. ALL of which give you side affects similar to what I, WE, have been going through. Tiredness, dizziness, sooo much more emotional, nausea and THE VOMITING!! OMG, THE VOMITING!! I've vomited @ least 6 times today!! Can't even keep water down!! And now the added HEARTBURN!! ALL of this minus the heartburn, started late last year. I thought I had THE MOST SEVERE FLU EVER KNOWN TO MAN!! I'd feel ok for about a week just to RELAPSE. I just couldn't get on even keel. I even had to quit a new job because I felt so crappy ALL the time. I've been searching high and low for an answer. Same symptoms as pancreatitis, Crohn's disease, the stomach flu, an ulcer....but I DID NOT link my symptoms to periMENopause. It's worse than morning sickness, cause thank you Lord, I didn't have much of it. Paybacks, huh?? Plus I didn't have the VOMITING or HEARTBURN again til yesterday; started my cycle 2 days ago!! Well, now that I've searched and shared, I DON'T feel much better physically, BUT MENtally, im feeling a little better. Fasten your seatbelts, ladies, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!! NOTHING WE CAN'T HANDLE..MENstruation, MENopause, did I MENtion the MEN aren't complaining about this. But they will. Just give them a minute to catch up..Good luck ladies..xoxox

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I don't feel 50 nor do I loom it, but my body reminds me daily i thought I was the only one, nasua... and my ears ring and tick (like a clicking pen) yeah, try to have clear thoughts or a good night's sleep.I haven't seen mt doctor, not taki g any meds. Im ever in the mood, my poor husband. For better or for worst and hes been so patient. I started at 46 and I just want it to be done.

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Like many others finding this site has been amazing. I'm 41 and have been suffering for about 6 months. First dizziness and being off balance but then more recently nausea. Feeling sick in the morning. Feeling like morning sickness. No appetite whatsoever, I leave lost lots of weight. I leave had it for about 7 weeks now - I went to GP and he tested me for lots of things including ovarian, stomach cancer and a brain tumour . I had to harve a MRI scan on my brain. This has all caused me so much anxiety that I am now having high anxiety, tingling in fingers and hands and muscle twitches in my eyes . I'm convinced now what I actually have is perimenopausal nausea. My bloods came back showing low iron ( I was exhausted), iron tablets have helped me feel more energetic. I now drink a healthy juice made of fruit and veg in morning. I take probiotics and omega 3. Usually nausea has gone by mid morning, some times it stays all day. My periods are still regular but last two have been lighter. Is there someone out there looking at this thread now who'd like to chat?????

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I just turned 42 and started experiencing lower back pain just before my periods. Then the nausea. I was going through alot of stressful things in my life. My periods became like they were in teenage years bad cramping, clotting, my periods were longer then stopping and restarting. I have lost of weight with the nausea. I have been unable to eat. I went to Er twice thinking something was wrong with me. The first visit i was told I was dehydrated and had a Uti sent home with meds. Finally I was so exhausted from the anxiety and the nausea I went back again. This doctor said it was probably hormonal and sent me home on a sleeping pill and anxiety meds. The sleeping pill helped me get the sleep much needed and it helped with eating. I was taking off it and put on something else for anxiety. Didnt work. Feel worse not sleeping , I'm cramping up, gassy, my body aches and the nausea. It makes me unable to eat again. I havent had a period for about a month now. I was reading the sleeping pill med will mess your period up. I am suffering from depression too. I am a mother of 9 and have always been active but now I am weak and jus dont feel good. I get the night sweats too. What a mess. Anyone else with a similiar story and how you deal would be greay appreciated. I would rather be on an herbal remedy then other stuff.

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Hi sheree do you get nausea all the time or is worse in morning?

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Finding this site tonight has been a life saver for my sanity! I had surgery for endometriosis a year ago and that helped with a lot of symptoms but my cycle has been really off since last Fall (I had one ovary removed). My period is often late and then it can last for more than two weeks sometimes). About three weeks ago I started having digestive issues and for the last two+ weeks (since I think I may have ovulated) I've been nauseated every day with a persistent pain in my left abdominal area. But still no period. I've been freaking out thinking that my endo has come back and/or having something worse going on with the pain and nausea. I don't even have an ovary on the side where the pain is anymore so it's rather disturbing. And, the nausea is present most of the day. As others have said, it feels just like morning sickness. I felt exactly like this when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't really believe this could all be from hormones -- even though I just turned 50 in January. Ugh! I'm consistently bloated with cramps and now painful breasts. I'm doing the natural progesterone cream twice a day and just started taking the Chaste Tree/Vitex herb again. Hoping and praying that something works. Also seeing my gyno in the morning to see what else might be going on and what my options are. I really would like to avoid another surgery! All of my recent bloodwork looked great for the most part and I expect the gyno will recommend another MRI or CT scan. Why don't doctors know that nausea is a real sign of perimenopause??!! All of my doctors have minimized this! Anyhow, sorry for the ramble. I'm just so grateful to know that I'm not alone!

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I am 49, have had two surgeries for Fibroid removal which by the way is only a temporary fix, and now face 2 weeks of hell every month. I have flooding for the first week of my period every day, multiple times. The migraines and nausea are relentless. I only get the bad stomach pains right before passing clots..this has been going on for 1 year. I eat healthy, exercise and am skinny. I am basically a vegetarian and my blood work is ok because I take lots of Iron pills. BUT…i can't work because i feel like shit and could sleep all day but i force myself to do things. I went on a few meds and felt even worse so now I am only on vitamins. The POP pill runs a risk of breast cancer still being studied so even thought my GYN suggested it I refuse to take it. Can you imagine coming down with breast cancer because of a pill? My GYN in Europe told me to go off the Pill at 33 because of cancer risks. He was a smarty. Anyhow, i pray for one missed period but so far nothing. I go through an entire big box of 30 something super plus tampons and maxi pads in less than one week and wear diapers at night. Yeap diapers. Thank God my husband is supportive and thinks i look cute in He also does not want me have yet another futile surgery….arghhhhh

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oh forgot to ask can anyone recommend a decent Probiotic for the bad cramping?

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