Are I Premenopausal?

baybay_2008September 8, 2011

My hormone test result came back and it is FHS=8, LH=2.5, E2=21. Does that mean I am in pre-meno stage? I am 46 and having bad headaches 5-7 days right before my periods. My periods are alway light. Recently, I had a long period of 12 days. So I was tested on my hormone level. My doctor just said you are fine.

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I had terrible headaches before and during and after my period for years. All natural yam base progesterone cream and vitamin B complex with Co Q10 enzyme were the answer to my prayers. I also take iron pills during and after my periods.

Check out books written by Dr. John Lee, a pioneer in use of natural progesterone for women health.

For prolong periods, i drink Lady's Mantle and Shepherd's Purse tea. I use dried organic herb to brew my own tea purchased from a near by herbal store. You can probably found them online in tonic form.

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