Cramping? Newbie here

CorissSeptember 28, 2006

Thank goodness I have found this site, and I'm not alone!!!

I'm almost 42 and I'm about 3 weeks late starting my period. I even had a pregnancy test, just to calm my paranoia! (DH had a vasectomy 12 yrs ago, but as my doctor, who is also my employer, said one could always slip through!) Before this I had a period about every 3 weeks, which were heavy and clotty. No hot flashes and not too moody yet! I've been having some cramping off and on, that makes me feel like I'm about to start my period, but then nothing happens. I'm assuming that's normal? Thanks to all of you for the useful information you share here.

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Hi coriss,
Have you ever been irregular before? It's probably best to ask your OB/GYN these questions......but I think what starts to happen in perimenopause (and that can happen from late 30's to 50's), is that we start not having enough progesterone. It's progesterone that lets us slough off our uterine lining. Sometimes it builds up too much, and then sloughs off irregularly. Many women during this time have too much bleeding, and also spotting in-between periods.
It seems like if you are cramping, you should be seeing some blood soon. You don't want it to build up too much in there.....'cause it could start bleeding too much. Do you feel at all PMS'y? Do you feel like your uterus is really full?
I don't think I'd worry about it for a little while longer, unless you get really uncomfortable. Good luck!

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