Two good things about menopause

jannieSeptember 26, 2007

Two things I can think of: 1. I'm saving a mall fortune on sanitary supplies. When I think of all the products I flushed down the toilet or threw in the trash. . . and 2. My migraine-hormone-related headaches have vanished. I'm a new pain=free woman!

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I can relate to #1 - a friend told me if I had money to invest, I should invest it in companies that make sanitary products. Those places will never go out of business! I still get migraine/tension headaches. I can add a #3 - no more cramps!

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My migraines abated, too! They were never described as hormone-related, but they started in my late 20s and were very frequent and usually utterly debilitating. The headaches (of migraine intensity) stopped completely once I finished menstruating.

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Yeah, I dont miss making something out of nothing a week before my period started. I was lucky to have been married at the time to a man that kept up with my cycle. Because he would "mostly" not take the baiting I was dishing out. Somewhere on this website a person said "my husband said just not to give into it" Geez, if only I was aware of it, I could have saved myself and my family alot of grief. I dispise the crap we impose on ourselves.

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I used to HATE it when men put down women for homonal feelings. If a woman cries or yells, or seems anxious, don't assume she has PMS or is "on the rag". There's a reason it's called MENopause.

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Exactly, jannie. Perhaps - just perhaps - if a woman cries or yells or "snaps", it's because the man in question is being a total horse's arse and deserves to be called on it! ;-)

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