Foods You Enjoy for Breakfast that are non-typical

angelaidAugust 20, 2012

I don't usually eat breakfast, but every once in great while, I absolutely have to have an el cheapo Swanson's Mexican TV dinner for breakfast when I get to the office! I don't buy TV dinners, I don't eat TV dinners, I have no idea why I get that craving once a year or so!

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Angelaid, this time of year, most everyone here will tell
you: "Tomato Sangwiches", or BLTs. I know where you are
coming from though, since nowhere is it written that we should all eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. I've been known to eat a cheeseburger for breakfast, (YUMM).
Many times I will eat leftovers from the previous night's
dinner. I say: 'eat whatever you have a craving for'.
As my Dear Mother used to tell me: "It all comes out in
the same place".

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This morning, before heading out to the hospital for my radiation treatment, I had half a pulled pork sandwich with no sauce and a half a glass of milk. It tasted so good.

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My schedule is rather unconventional so meals aren't the 7am=Breakfast, Noon=Lunch and 5pm supper/dinner. But I've been known to really enjoy cold pizza for breakfast. Or any sort of leftovers. And eggs and meat go for any time of day for me when I feel like cooking them and have fresh eggs around.

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I eat this exact breakfast at least 2 to 3 times a week

Juice glass of tomato juice
'Frizzled' ham sandwich on 90 calorie potato roll
Slice of farmers' cheese
2 midget gherkin pickles
Glass of iced tea

Growing up, I often had a bowl of homemade chicken rice or vegetable barley soup, a glass of milk, and a piece of fruit crumb pie for breakfast. I still like a bowl of soup to start the day in the winter.

My DDs used to like a mix of rice and orzo cooked in chicken broth, with a little butter and milk on top instead of cereal.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I usually have a homemade (frozen) cookie with my coffee as I like sweet things best with coffee and I only have coffee at breakfast. Sometimes I eat leftovers.

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I love a traditional breakfast, but also enjoy leftovers in the morning. Another frequent breakfast for me is a warmed slice of whole wheat bread, turkey, and cheddar-horseradish cheese, served with a banana. Weird, I know!


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We call the rice/orzo cooked in broth or milk....Dutch rice. It does taste good for breakfast. And I learned to like Nasi Goreng or Malaysian fried rice when I visited there.

I think I would like chicken noodle/rice soup for breakfast - will have to give that a try.

Last week I had sliced tomatoes on English muffins topped with cheese and put under the broilers. Guess that would be a T&C sandwich?

When we were young, my sisters and I would have the leftover dessert and bridge mix candy from the night before bridge party while watching Saturday morning cartoons. That was our "special" breakfast.


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Chocolate freezer candy made with coconut oil, cocoa and sweetener.
Ice cream topped with wheat germ and jam.
Cold pizza's a given.
Cold leftover batter-fried fish(usually crappie or bass). Sprinkle it with lemon juice and salt...yum.

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My absolute favorite non-traditional breakfast is a big plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. I enjoy it much more than the dinner itself.


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I usually just have toast and tea for breakfast. But when there's pumpkin pie around, that's breakfast. The kids were always very excited to be allowed to have pie for breakfast.

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Love leftovers. Pizza, Chinese food, cauliflower cheese, Christmas dinner items including the dessert trifle....
I never thought food had "appointed times" to be eaten :-) it's whatever appeals at the moment.

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NEVER would I buy a pie; always homemade. But once I lost my mind and bought a Publix pumpkin pie when it was on sale and it was very good. So every time they go on sale now I buy one or two and end up eating it for breakast, and sometimes lunch and dinner, too. My mother used to tell me that there are good things in pies, so why not have them for breakfast.

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Maxmom..I also love pie for breakfast..any kind will do but Shoo Fly is my favorite!

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OMG !!!!!!!!!! Maxmom.....pumpkin pie for breakfast....
gotta be the best breakfast in the whole wide worlll.
And with a cup of good, hot coffee........
and ya don't even need that big dollop of whipped cream.

Be still my heart.

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Definitely OT.
Teresa, your post about the T&C sandwich reminded me of a story a friend was telling me yesterday. When he was just a child his family was headed to Florida, traveling thru Georgia and stopped in a tiny town where the only place for food was at a drugstore counter. His mother ordered a bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwich and they brought her 3. One bacon, one tomato and one lettuce. I thought it was hilarious.

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I am assuming that cold pizza IS a traditional breakfast food.

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Cold pizza is the best.... I used to visit a friend's farm in high school. They had dinner in the morning and for some reason souffles in the evening. I wasn't a big fan of steak and potatoes at 8 am but I loved the souffles.

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If there is a pie around, I will have some for breakfast and lunch if any is left.

1bpod said "Angelaid, this time of year, most everyone here will tell you: "Tomato Sandwiches", or BLTs."
You're in N Carolina too? I'm a transplant from California and like BLTs. I'm a gardener too and soon learned that the only reason to garden here is to grow a large tomato to be able to cut a perfect single thick slice and place it on white bread spread with Dukes mayo, salt and pepper and another piece of bread maybe.

Perhaps this is the impetus for the famous dcarch cube tomato; except I didn't think yankees knew from tomato sandwiches any more than I did.

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I like fish for breakfast, including sushi, but I can't get Kevin to agree to it. I also like crab salad for breakfast. I'm not especially fond of traditional breakfast food and do not understand people who like to have breakfast food (such as omelets) for dinner. A more traditional breakfast for me would be a Cobb salad, although at home I make the usual latkes, waffles, omelets, migas, breakfast burritos, etc. as a rule. I like salads for any meal.


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Pickled herring in sour cream on a bagel. Mmmmmmm.

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I just had cottage cheese and melon. Sometimes I have soup - chicken rice or chicken noodle. Cold pizza is classic breakfast fare!!


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Atypical for the majority of you but frequent for me would be a bowl of wild rice. Servied with mild and cinnamon sugar as a child. Eaten now with butter and pepper 3-4 times per week.


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Is black coffee considered breakfast?

I am aware of the saying "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

I never eat breakfast, just a cup of black coffee. I eat a normal lunch, a big dinner and a huge snack just before I go to bed.

Works for me health-wise (and energy-wise).


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Baked eggs are a breakfast tradition in our family but I don't know that many people make them that way, so guess they might be non-typical. We call them "shower eggs" because they bake for about as long as it takes to take a morning shower.

If there are leftover mashed potatoes in the house, press a 1/2" layer of them in the bottom and sides of a greased custard cup. Then break an egg into the potato nest, season and bake it. Grated cheese or crumbled bacon can be mixed in with the potatoes.

Beat egg whites until stiff, shape the meringue into nests, put an egg yolk into each nest, and bake them.

Put some ground ham or cooked crumbled sausage into the bottom of a custard cup, break an egg onto it, sprinkle with chives and grated cheddar cheese and bake it.

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What perfect timing...I just had a roast beef sandwich for breakfast!! And, I'm having waffles, bacon and fruit for dinner. Gotta get some green veggies in so lunch will be a salad. In my adult life, I have always loved dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner...not sure why because I wasn't raised like that.

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I have been known to eat potato salad or macaroni salad for breakfast if there is some around. Yes, about any holiday food that is leftover is great for breakfast.


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I like Chinese breakfasts, congee and dried shrimp, bits of vinegared vegetable, a steamed bun, etc.

Dim sum is a special treat sort of breakfast, but I like it any time of day.

Nowadays I eat breakfast in the office. Typical: fruit, six egg whites, some vinegared beets or raw salmon, coffee. I do like it. It's not a chocolate eclair and a cafe au lait in a cafe in Paris, but few things are.

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