Freezing zucchini dish

mudlady_gwAugust 19, 2012

I want to cook some zucchini with tomatoes, onion, green pepper and garlic, all until still a little crunchy so it won't be mushy after reheating. I plan to freeze it in single portions in small ziplock bags and then put the small frozen bags into one or two large ziplocks and store in the freezer.

Two questions: I want to use fresh basil in the recipe and don't know how much to add. How much per quart, after cooking? The second question is how long will this remain safe in the freezer?


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Well.....after freezing, it won't remain "a little crunchy" will pretty well all be like frozen veggies thawed.
I make that....I call it "zuccnini glop" kids and friends call it that too....for want of a better name I guess.
I cook the basil with the veggies....flavors meld better and I add easily 1 tablespoon of chopped or "scissored" basil per cup....fresh basil with tomatoes is a good thing!!\
I have frozen it lots and lots....and it does come out mushy.....can't be helped when you freeze zucchini and tomatoes. It will keep safely pretty much for years.....and I haven't noticed any deterioration in taste after a year.
Yummy stuff!!....sometimes I add fresh parsley and oregano.

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Zucchini glop!!. Very descriptive. LOL!!

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