SURE you can't get pregnant? Test?

rozeSeptember 9, 2010

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new here, but have found the previous posts really helpful.

I am 47 and haven't had a period in 3 years. I've had a few slight other symptoms of menopause and my doctor said two years ago that's all it is.

HOWEVER! I know they say that when you haven't had a period for a year (or 2 years for early menopause), you can't get pregnant. But is there any test you can do to know for SURE? I am really nervous to stop using birth control (condoms), but would like the freedom to stop. Obviously so would my husband. :D

Any info on this? Thanks.

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Hi Roze, I was on the pill for years and when I turned 48 my Dr. had me go off for a specified amount of time - probably a month - and then they ran a test to see if I was still ovulating. The first test said I was, so I stayed on the pill for a couple more years, and then the next test indicated i was menopausal. I'm pretty sure it was a blood test. Good luck!

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I would be very interested if you find out if there is a blood test. I have asked my doctor when I would no longer have to worry and never get any real answer. It has never been suggested that there might be a blood test. It might be that you have to request it using the correct wording.

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I haven't had a period for three years, and my bloodwork says I'm postmenopausal. I asked my GYN if I could get pregant, and she said no.

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There is a blood test for FSH - follicle stimulating hormone.

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