Prempro Withdrawal

summermistSeptember 19, 2009

Has anyone just stopped taking prempro without weening themselves off of it? I am on the lowest dosage and only take it once a day. I have been on it for 2 months now but I can't afford it. I am also afraid of some of the risk fractors like cancer. Cancer runs in both sides of my family. Out of my immediate family, I am the only one that has not had cancer. I took my last pill yesterday. I have no more and hoping that nothing horrible will happen to me. I called my doctor this week twice and never received a call back. Anyone out there been here done that?

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I was in menopause for a 8 years and never got over having hot flashes. I went on hormone replacement--not prempro-- to try and get a handle on things. After a year I quit taking them --like you all at once and started drinking soy milk--I liked the chocolate. The hot flashes returned but not as often and gradually got less and less until they stopped.

Soy has natural plant estrogen.

I'd say nothing horrible will happen to you but you may get some menopause symptoms back.

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