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carla17September 23, 2007

Approx. 4 years ago someone told me about bio identical hormones and I became interested. I went to a lecture, required before a consultation. I decided to give them a try. It was a Progesterone cream. At first it seemed to help but then no so much. When I went to my endocrinologist a while back he saw how I was sweating and told me to try Black Cohosh. Now I know it varies from person to person but it seems to work pretty good for me. I was spending money on something that was either bogus or didn't work anymore for me.

Has anyone tried Evening Primrose?


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There's so much variation out there in quality and strength of things I hesitate to say that "menopause" vitaments with Evening Primrose, soybean stuff did not work for me. But..they didn't.

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