Peri or other?

brittwlSeptember 14, 2009

not sure if what i'm experiencing is peri or something else. i started having shortness of breath, sensation of anxiety and being squeezed high in the chest about a year and a half ago at age 36 - while i was still breastfeeding my daughter, incidentally. have seen pulmonary specialists, heart specialists (have a small shunt, but shouldn't be causing these issues)and they can't find a definitive cause. a few weeks ago started having hot flashes too. does this sound familiar to anyone? only other option i can think of is a thyroid abnormality, which i'll be checked for soon. is 36-37 generally too young to start peri? were anyone else's symptoms preceded by a long duration of shortness of breath?

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Hi brittwl it certainly sounds like you could be entering peri some women can start with peri in their 30s a great book to read to try to help you is Kathryn petras The Premature Menopause Book it covers al aspects of this subject i9 gotit from the local library if you cant find it you could order it have a read and see what you think then you could maybe see someone andget some bloodtests done hope this helps chick

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