Finished pics - Creamy white, stained island

marmoreusJanuary 25, 2011

This is long overdue (we finished at the end of last August), but I wanted to thank all you Kitchen forum members for the great help. Thank you, thank you!!! I've really appreciated all the great information on this site. It has been such a helpful resource as we built a house for the first time.

On to the pictures.

So far the kitchen is working out really well for us. Other than not loving the performance of my wall oven, I am happy with how it all turned out.

The details:

Perimeter cabinets: Decora (Chantille finish on maple)

Island cabinets: Sorrento (Hermosa finish on alder)

Backsplash: Walker Zanger Gramercy Park (Heirloom White and Pipe Smoke)

Granite on perimeter: Antiqued Nordic Black (love this!)

Granite on Island: Alaskan White

Pendant lights: Schoolhouse Electric

Knobs & pulls: Amerock Highland Ridge

Barstools: Restoration Hardware (bought during Friends & Family sale--20% off--yay!)

Wall color: BM Revere Pewter

Flooring: walnut w/ Waterlox finish

Sink: Shaw's farmhouse sink

Sink faucet/soap dispenser: Danze Opulence

Range: NXR

Wall oven: Kitchenaid

Fridge: Bosch

Dishwasher: paneled Bosch

Micro: cheapo GE

Thanks again!

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Now that's my kind of kitchen! I love the pendants, the backsplash (we're installing the same thing!), the paneled walls, and the wonderful balance and symmetry. Gorgeous! Bravo!

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Oh wow> Love this kitchen - just stunning. In my view the island is the center piece with that gorgeous granite combined with pulls and dark wood.

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Beautiful! Love the island, the paneled walls, and the family room fireplace view. Also, the 5-panel doors, the white pottery on the hood mantle (mantle hood?), and how you have jars in the glass stacked cabs! I might have done stacked if I'd thought of a great idea like that!

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Beautiful crisp kitchen. I love it. That is some of the prettiest Alaska White I have seen. I love, love the board and batten walls - did you do that in other rooms of the house? What style is the exterior of your house?
Last nosy question, can you describe the Antiqued finish on your black granite - it looks like the brushed in the close-up, but looks polished in one of the shots of the entire room. Just beautiful.

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oooooooh, i love your kitchen! it looks so beautiful and crisp! i really like the color of your island ...and your floors are spectacular. what are they?

congratulations and enjoy your beautiful home.

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I'm surprised your screen name isn't ClassyLady! Wowzer, that is a well executed kitchen (and house). Well done. Absolutely love the stacked cabs. Your fixtures are making me wish I would have done brushed nickel. And your island granite?!? To die for!!! You or a family member must be an interior designer;)

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I just love the clean lines and the warmth - those two features don't always go together. I am not a granite person (have ordered soapstone) but yours is really exquisite. I also like seeing the NXR 36 in, which I have ordered, sight unseen. I know it will look good in my white kitchen in a few weeks.

So many other wonderful features. Beautiful job, really....

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Thanks so much!

worldmom--I can't wait to see your finished kitchen now that I've seen your pantry. I just love it to pieces!

blfenton--My hubby was reading your comment over my shoulder and was so proud because he picked out the island granite and the color of the cabinets. :)

rhome--You are an angel with all of your knowledge and help that you pass along. I like the jars, too, and also the fact that it was a fairly economical way to fill up those cabinets.

cangelmd--Only did the paneling in the kitchen/dinette area. Not sure what to call the exterior style. We were sort of going for a New England coastal farmhouse look even though we're landlocked in the middle of the country! It has siding (shingle style and the vertical board and batten style) and stone. The Antiqued Nordic Black is definitely a brushed, matte finish. Something was reflecting in those pics because they are not shiny at all.

tinycastles--I went back and forth on the finish of my sink fixtures. I actually had polished nickel and then exchanged for the brushed. My mom could easily be an interior designer but she lives too far away to help so I had a designer help me with paint and furnishings.

kateskouros--I can't wait for you to be able to enjoy YOUR gorgeous home and kitchen. The floors are walnut--I believe that is what you have as well?

10KDiamond--I really wanted soapstone but couldn't find any that I liked locally. This Nordic Black has turned out to be a great alternative. I also ordered my NXR without seeing it in person. I think you'll be happy with it!

Thanks again for the kind comments!

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I love everything about your kitchen which would be perfect for me with that Microwave not to high up or too low since I am petite. I love the creamy white cabinets with the thick deep gorgeous molding on top, I love the contrasting hardware. I love the granite chosen around the perimeter but I really adore the granite on the island! I love the rich colored floors. The NXR looks great and so professional in the 36" wide size. I love the pendant light that goes so well and is so classy. The backsplash is perfect also to me. The finishing touches like the creamy jars on the shelf and that vase of flowers really perfects your kitchen which I would love to have but at least I get to enjoy seeing the pictures and knowing how much you must be loving your kitchen.

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What a beautiful home! May I ask for info on your light fixture over the dining table? I love your granites--they compliment your beautiful cabs perfectly! And those pendants look great! Everything looks stunning! Enjoy and thanks so much for sharing!

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That is the most scrumptuous creamy cab color I've seen in a long time! I'm melting! Was that a cab company color or a paint company color? I want it!

Every detail looks so well put-together and thought out. I was just looking at those pulls the other day and wondering what they would actually looked like installed. And here they are! They look much better in your kitchen and in the on-line catalog. Your BS tiles are perfect there.

Enjoy your fabulous, warm, inviting, perfect kitchen!

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Really really nice. The granite is beautiful. Looks a lot like a certain Bianco Antico that I know. And since we are able to peek into that family is beautiful too! You have no idea how much I love those couches. Really.

I'm slipping this into my "clippings" because "you just never know".....

Congrats, I love it all!

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You have a beautiful home. I love everything about your island, especially the granite. All of your details are perfect. Totally magazine worthy. Great job.

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I was hoping you would say shingle style! I bet the entire house is lovely!

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Your kitchen is perfect, no matter where it's located.

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Totally love it. So crisp, warm and inviting. I, too, am saving these photos for the future...

Those RH stools are the perfect finishing touch!

Enjoy & great job,

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Love your house! I'll take all of it!

Can you please tell me about the window shades. Love the texture.

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Love it all, but especially love the schoolhouse pendants - awesome!

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Really beautiful!
Creamy, warm, inviting, with elegant details and yet softly

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Beautiful home, I love the light colors.

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AMAZING!! It's all perfect, I want it! LOL- can u tell me about the frig I really want a built in, but don't want to go for the $, however yours is the first iv'e seen that is not built in but you don't see anything on the side, all the others i see, they don't put the cabinet all the way to cover, not sure why? Can you tell me the model# and any hints on how your cabinet maker did it, also your wall color is beautiful, can u share that as well? great job, enjoy, Michelle

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You are all so kind, thank you! There was a lot of uncertainty and second guessing during this build so I really appreciate your positive comments.

flwrs n co--The chandelier you asked about is Hubbardton Forge model 101160 in the dark smoke finish.

breezygirl--The cab color is from the cabinet company (Decora is the company and Chantille was the color). I really like the knobs and pulls. I had quite a collection going of different kinds and I really like the look and feel/heft of these ones.

beekeeperswife--I am a big fan of your kitchen and family room! And yes, our granite is quite similar to Bianco Antico. In fact, thanks to you and the other BA fans on this site, we went searching for it and ended up with what we have because it looked so similar!

katieob--That means a lot because your kitchen (and home) is absolutely fabulous.

onedogedie--My designer helped me with those and the info I have is that they are Woven Wood roman blinds. Not sure if Woven Wood is the brand name or just a generic name. I can try and get some more info for you.

michelle16--Our fridge actually is a built-in. We were planning on doing a counter depth but got a good deal on this Bosch. The model # is B36IT71SNS. I think with the counter depth and regular depth fridges because of the way the door hinges work, they have to stick out far enough so the door can open properly. That's the dilemma but I know if you work with your cabinet maker/installer that they should be able to cover most of it up.

Thanks again, everyone!

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Simply gorgeous! I'd love more info on the woven wood shades as well.

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Stunning! I love all your choices down to the grasscloth wallpaper. I'd also like more information about your woven wood shades.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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okay, well that explains why I love the way the frig looks! How stupid of me! I am going to just have to go for the extra 3,000 and get the built in, it really makes a difference!Thanks again, Michelle

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Hi marmoreus..

Ah...Love your entire kitchen. Big fan here of Alaska..I got mine just a few months before you:) Also love your Black Nordic counter. Really lovely home you have!


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Love it!!! Just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!

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You've achieved the bridging of a classically stylish white kitchen with great modern surroundings. It's beautiful.

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The creamy color on the cabinets is just gorgeous! Love everything about the island, too. Beautiful!

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I love so much but esp the Nordic Black and your light fixtures. It all ties together so well that it looks like it came together on its own and was not staged.
I bet there will be a lot of copycats because this really is lovely ;)

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What a beautiful kitchen and a beautiful home! Love all the wonderful details, esp the contrasting island.

Congratulations and happy cooking!


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Truly beautiful-every bit of it!!! Also wondering about the -what appears to be grasscloth in the room off the kitchen-like the texture and color-what brand is that? if you might recall/
Are the walnut floors american or brazilian?-very pretty!

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I am going to try and get some info on the woven wood blinds tomorrow. It's funny that there isn't any kind of tag on them.

earlykitchen--The grasscloth wallcovering is by Schumacher and I'm adding a link to the specific one we used. The floors are American Walnut.

Here is a link that might be useful: grasscloth

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Ooooh, I am drooling! It is fantastic!

I love it all! It is so sophisticated, yet warm. And that island.... that island! *swoon* I absolutely LOVE that stone!

Congratulations, it's perfect!

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Wow, your kitchen is fantastic! You've done a great job pulling everything together.

I have an off the wall question, where did you get your dog statue on the mantle? I love it!

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Really gorgeous kitchen! and I love the view to the beautiful family room! Great job!

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There are so many awesome things in this kitchen, I feel almost petty saying how much I love your barstools!

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What a perfect kitchen! I really love your antiqued nordic black. And all that walnut is dreamy! Enjoy!!

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coffeeaddict226--The dog comes from the company, "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume". Interesting name! They are a wholesaler, though.

Still trying to get the details on the woven wood blinds.

Thanks for the nice comments. I'd like to send a virtual hug to you all!

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Thanks marmoreus! I just this moment remembered that I had asked you about them and came back to check in. While I am here, let me say again that your kitchen is so well done. Perfect!
I will google "woven wood roman blinds" and get investigating too. Really I thought your blinds looked like woven linen! I'm surprised they are wood.

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Wow, absolutely beautiful kitchen. I love your floors, cabinets...everything. You have pulled everything together very well.

Could you tell me what you don't like about your Kitchenaid wall oven and what the model number is? I have a Kitchenaid wall oven I was planning to purchase, but would love to know more about your performance problems. Thanks!

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laura mcleod

Amazing - That is an elegant, cozy and airy space all at once! I love the simplicity of everything and how it just flows effortlessly together - it makes the room just seem so serene and relaxing. I also love how timeless everything is - the modern and vintage together is heaven I think. Enjoy!!!

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Very pretty! I love the cream cabinets, island granite and stained island. Your floors are gorgeous.

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I love your kitchen, stunning! The island contrast is perfect with the creamy white. The ORB hardware goes so well with your stools. I really like the glass on the uppers, very smart.

Must add, I want the built-ins that surround your fireplace. Want them now!

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Absolutely beautiful!! Love the creamy cabs... Was wondering what color is the crown molding? Does it match the cabs throughout or is it white? thanks

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I really worried about putting all the parts and pieces together and whether it would actually work, so I very much appreciate your comments. Thank you, thank you.

allison0704--Your kitchen was one of the first I discovered on gardwenweb and I will always love it!

blondeziggy2--My KA wall oven is model KEBS107SSS. The oven just seems really unreliable as far as temp and eveness of baking. The temp fluctuates up and down a lot even when I'm not opening the door. I've had a tech look at it and he says it's normal. I don't know if you've looked on the Appliance forum but I was hesitant about the KA due to the negative comments on there but I went ahead with it anyway. To get a really good performing oven, it seemed like I'd have to spend a lot more and I just didn't want to. For most things it works just fine, though. I just have to kind of watch it because sometimes things cook a lot faster and other times it takes longer.

cbonebt-- We had all our trim matched to the cabinet color.

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Thanks for your information about your wall oven. That is the exact model I'm looking at.

Again your kitchen is spectacular!

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As another poster stated, "Stunning!" Congratulations.

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Wow! Your kitchen is absolutely stunning! I particularly love the combination of the alder cabinets with the alaska white granite. I also love the BM Revere Pewter on the walls and how it highlights your beautiful white cabinets. The entire space looks fantastic, including the adjoining room. Thank you for sharing.

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marmoreus - Really lovely kitchen - looks like it was done by a professional interior designer (or your semi-pro mom!) The finishes really compliment one another and your stained island was a great choice. And the revere pewter/white cabinet combo - I have it myself - I find it very calming. Your whole house looks really soft, comforable but elegant. Congratulations!

PS - Share about your stove - I had looked at the NXR. At the time we couldn't find much info other than negative comments about fit/finish and ended up with a blue star (which we love) but suspect that others maybe interested in the NXR which has a very attractive price point.

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Ok--I finally have some info on the woven wood shades. And I'll comment about the NXR after that if anyone wants info on the range.

The brand of the shades is Kirsch and I actually used two different styles/colors. In the dinette area the color is Mesa White. Everywhere else on our main floor we have Savannah Grasses Rice Straw. I am including a link to the website. You can click on the colors and see the differences. The ones in my dinette look more "grassy" to me up close and the others are a little more formal/classic looking if that makes sense. I really like both of them. They look great up and down. I had the light filtering liners added (not the room darkening ones) and for me, it's the perfect amount of light. I have one shade on our patio door that couldn't have the liner added because of the size and it lets in a little too much sun when we're eating our Cheerios! But it all depends on the direction your home faces and where the windows are. If I remember when it gets dark tonight, I'll take a picture of both kinds closer up.

As for the NXR range, I actually really wanted a Bluestar (lucky sparklekitty!) but to save money for other things, I decided on the NXR. It was a little scary buying it sight unseen (except for pictures), but I have been really happy with it. I took note of the comments about it's fit and finish not being as nice as other ranges, but to me it looks great. Maybe if I saw it side by side with a Wolf I'd notice it's deficiencies in the looks department, but as it is, I am very happy with it's form and function. I do have a few cleaning issues with it. I love how easy the stainless steel on top (under the grates) cleans up but there are some mystery grease/burned on marks around the burners that won't come clean. But otherwise, she cleans up real nicely and works well. I haven't used the oven all that much yet for baking but I like the broiler.

Hope this info helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: woven wood shades

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I am jealous. Job well done. Thanks for sharing the info about the grasscloth as well.

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That kitchen/space is a dream come true. This girl whose heart skips a beat when she sees an old mason jar just fell in love! ;) How clever and darling. I wanted those stools for our kitchen, but my husband wanted something with padding.

I'd love to see photos of your other spaces if you're ever willing. Those two rooms are so perfectly executed.

One question that I didn't see asked. I apologize if I missed it..... What brand/style is that fan in your living room? I can't tell if there is a light on it on top or not. I hate our ceiling fan and that one has a nice look to it. :) Thanks!

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lolauren--Yes, the mason jars make me happy! The ceiling fan is Craftmade Metro Fan w/ walnut blades. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with uplights--I wish it did. I went round and round on a ceiling fan or just a light fixture. I don't like most of the light kits on the ceiling fans so I just went with a fan and can lights. I'll probably get a lamp or two for that room for a little extra light. Also, send me an e-mail and I'll get you some other pictures. Those two rooms are the only "finished" areas though as far as interior decor goes so the rest might not be that interesting to you!

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Oops! I also meant to post pictures of the window shades. The first two will be the Mesa White that are in my dinette area (and mudroom) and the next two are the Savanna Grasses Rice Straw that are elsewhere on the main floor.

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I just love your kitchen. So gorgeous.

Do you recall how long the drawer pulls are? (the 5-inch center ones would be about 6-5/8 inches long.)

I'm considering the same pulls for our bedroom built-ins but unsure of what side to get.

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I LOVE your kitchen!!! It belongs in Everything is perfect, but now I am coveting your savanna grasses rice straw blinds. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you!

wi-sailorgirl: One thing I liked about those pulls was they came in quite a few sizes. On the perimeter my drawers were 36" and I used the 160 mm pulls which are 6.3 in centers and 8 3/8 in in total length. On the island I used the 128 mm ones (the sizes you referred to above) and the 96 mm ones (3.78 centers, 5" total length. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the info. And you really should put it up on Houzz.

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Your kitchen is exquisite! I am struggling with the decision to forgo soapstone for antique nordic black granite myself.

Do you have any regrets? I will have a warmer palette in my kitchen due to our open floor plan (but I love the white kitchen look!). My island is a golden cosmus granite. Just thought the nordic black may complete less with a busy island...

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Thanks, catdavis!

I spent tons of time researching the countertops and wasn't sure I'd find anything I liked besides soapstone. The few soapstone slabs available in my area were just not right (mainly too green). Quite a few of the "soapstone alternative" granites I ended up not loving in person. But when I saw the antique nordic black, I fell in love. It looks great and so far is holding up really well. I don't have any issues with water marks or fingerprints. Also, I think I mentioned this in a comment above, but please disregard the shine on the nordic black in some of the pictures. That was something to do with my camera and the lighting. The close-up shot is pretty accurate--it has a great matte finish and feels so nice.

Hope that helps!

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I am fairly new to this forum and have enjoyed browsing through all of the lovely kitchens and reading the comments but I have yet to comment myself. Until now...I must tell you- I LOVE your kitchen!! It's my 'dream' kitchen!

We are getting ready to do a full remodel of our kitchen and I am completely stuck on the cabinets. Due to our budget, we have selected Mid Continent Cabinetry and I cannot decide on a door style!?! :-\

Would you mind helping me select a door style that would be similar to yours? I can't exactly tell from the pictures just what yours look like and since every company offers something different, I'm just not sure which one to go with!

Here is the link to the Mid Continent site:

We will be going with the Signature Series, full-overlay door.
I am considering the Adams with the 5-piece drawer option (least expensive) in the Traditional door style, the Concord (mid-expensive level) or the Mission (most expensive) both with the 5-piece drawer option in the Simple door style. Or should I select something different?

I would appreciate any and all input! I'm so stuck!!! Thanks much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mid Continent Signature Series door styles

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Hi M3Mom!

So sorry for my slow reply. I actually don't get over to gardenweb much these days. A friend was asking me a question about my blinds so I got back on here since I knew I'd put the info in this post. Anyway, you may have already made a decision by now, but it looks like you are on the right track, definitely! From looking at the online pictures, I'd say either the Adams or Concord would be closest to ours in looks. I'm putting in a link to our cabinet door (Decora brand, style is Harmony) in case that helps.

Good luck with your remodel and thanks for your kind words regarding my kitchen. Stick around this site and you'll find lots of great help with your project!

If you have any other questions for me, feel free to click on my username and send me an e-mail.

Here is a link that might be useful: my cabinets

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Could you tell me what size pendants you used (fixture size and width of shade) and how long your island is? I'm getting ready to put in an order with Schoolhouse Electric, and I'm going back and forth between sizes.

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The island is 8 feet long. The fixture fitter size is 6" and the shades are 14". Choosing the sizes on the pendants was kind of tricky. If you haven't already, do call Schoolhouse Electric and get their input. They are very helpful. Good luck!

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Marmoreous, I just love your kitchen as I said in a prior post of yours. I love the choices you made in finishes, cabinet style, counters, floors, counters, seating, appliances and just the overall look. Thank you for posting the link to your kitchen. The creamy white on your cabinets is so beautiful and the style of the cabinets is what I have in mind. Thanks again for sharing.

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I love your kitchen! You did a beautiful job. I love the whole open space with the family room. We have similar tastes. I might have to invite you over to help decorate!

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