Bleeding after sex, spotting

TerriLynn777September 15, 2013

I'm 43, I'm pretty sure I'm going through menopause at this point.anxiety with no sleep at night! Just had 1 day of a period a couple of weeks ago, with light spotting , mostly brown?? I've have been experiencing bleeding right after sex for a little while now . Mild pelvic cramping also on and off for awhile now also.does anyone know if this brownish spotting is normal?

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I don't think any spotting is normal. I was doing that at the age of 45 and the doc did a DNC, which didn't stop it. He said even a little spotting can be a sign of a serious problem so he suggested a hysterectomy. I had one, but if I had it to do over I would have them not remove the ovaries. My problem turned out to be fibroid tumors.

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Cancerous fibroid tumours ?

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sorry I didn't get back sooner.

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Thanks, I know I did have some cysts before too

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