Introduction's everybody?

marys1000September 24, 2006

Hello, I'm new here and was excited to find this board. However it does seem like there are a lot of older posts on the first page and maybe not much acivity or many "members"?

I thought maybe it'd be nice to have a rolling introduction to both help rejuvenate things and help make the board, however small or large, seem a more cohesive place.

I just turned 50, live in the Central Plains and work for the government. Never married, no children. Wanted to, just never happened for me. Love animals though am currently petless. I like to read, garden and hike, birdwatch and watch TV. I probably started noticing the more definate perimenopause symtoms 2 years ago. I thought I was going to miss my first period last month but it came 3 weeks late. Have more perimenopausal stuff going on, got some blood tests that came back normal. So....I guess it must be all in my mind:) (I'm not really happy about this).


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hi, I am Robyn in Sacramento. I tried to get a blood test to see how far along I was on the menopausal road and this is what my gyno told me... that the test doesn't do anything unless you are all done with your period. So... it'll either tell you that yes, you are still having periods, or nope, you are in full menopause. So... what it told you is that yup, you are still having your period. If you just got this from your normal doctor, that doc probably knows nothing about menopause. :D Common... specially in males.

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Hi Mary,

It's not all in your head. We all know our bodies better that anyone else and we know when we are going through changes. I agree with heathen, too, about tests. I had one before I finished my periods and she said it was fine. I had one last year, after not seeing a period in three years and lo and behold she confirmed....I was menopausal :)

You're right about this is a quiet one. If you're looking for a busy one, try kitchen forum. You can talk about anything.

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heathen1 - that seems sort of indicative of some of the books etc. out there too - a few chapters on menopause and lots of chapters with cheesy little exercises and nutrition info you could get from a govt pamphlet. BTW - my doctor is a woman! So I don't know what to look for now.

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Yeah, but is your female doctor a gynocologist? :o) For some SILLY reason, doctors (male AND female) have just taken notice of the fact that there's a bunch of women going around menopausing. Just like they just RECENTLY noticed that a 110lb woman metabolizes medicine differently than a 200lb man!!!!! See? doctors aren't gods they're more like guides. Best if you do your own research to back them up.
A LOT of what I learned was word of mouth... like I figured out that recently I've had a reaction to the sun... then a friend of mine said that she has a DOCTOR friend who told her that she's become allergic to the sun since menopause, then my neighbor said it.... which leads me to believe that we women should talk a lot about it... spread the word! :D Every woman is different and there are some obscure symptoms out there...

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Hi Mary, welcome! My doc didn't tell me having my tubes tied could cause menopause to start early until he was all done sewing me back up. I think it's just like having a baby, you always get that one nurse that says it's not that bad come on now you are just putting extra stress on you and the baby. Than you ask her how many kids do you have and she replys oh I don't have any. The only way I have figured and found out what is going on is by talking to people that have or are going through what I am. Everyone has been very helpful here and you can ask just about anything you need. The site doesn't always look busy but if you post more likely than not you will get an answer.

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