debraqSeptember 20, 2008

I am 52 and still have fairly regular periods. I have been having symptoms of menopause for the past 6 years. Hot flashes have pretty much stopped.

But now every time I get my period there is at least two episodes of what I have been told is called flooding.

It is so scary, I feel like one of these times I am going to bleed out. I mean it feels like I am peeing, only I am not controlling the flow.

( sorry for being so graphic, I just don't know how else to describe it)

I fill up a overnight pad so fast, it comes out the top of the pad, into my undies and then down my legs. I have always had heavy periods but this is frightening.

How long before my periods stop? Is the stopping of periods the last thing to go?

Its just like I am going through puberty all over again!

Is losing all of this blood bad for me?

After the episodes of flooding, my period returns to normal. This is just way too strange.

My mom told me that her experience was that she got her period for two weeks, then never had it again.

Other than that, she didn't mention anything, but she was very hesitant about sharing this type of details.

Thanks for any help and advice,


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PKponder TX

Hi Debra,
This is my first post here, but I'm going to jump right in and say...see your doctor. I quit having periods 2 years ago, when I was 48. I had some heavy periods when I was sure something was wrong, but never as bad as you describe. Don't take a chance with your health.


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I am only 45 years old and I have my peroid for only one day, my period is always like "Flooding". It causes me a headache during that day. Debra, do you have headache?

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Have you seen your gynecologist? This flooding could be caused by fibroid tumors, which are pretty common (40-60% 0f women have them.)

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