Heart Racing/Wired all the time

pamelabrussSeptember 8, 2006

I can't tell you how much this forum has saved me. I'm 44, and just had my first bout with painful ovulation (did not ovulate last month), cramping, severe fatigue, heart racing (which was the worst), and finally hot flashes--all lasted 6 days. My period had come a week early, so I thought it was a degenerating fibroid--I had a UAE, uterine artery embolization, done 6 1/2 years ago. I went to the doctor and had ultrasounds done and exam. He wants me to go on the pill, 15 to 20 mg, for 3 months. But I could tell he wanted to do tests, and asked me if I was sure it was related to my cycle. I said, yes, I'm sure, after reading all of your insights, and experiences here. The racing heart/being wired all the time is really driving me crazy. All the women in my family, but me, are on medication for anxiety/panic attack issues. I think the pill might be a good idea, and just don't want to live through this again. Any thoughts on the pill?

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According to medical evidence, the pill does help. It helps balance hormones for premenopausal women.
Has your doc done bloodwork? Please let your doc do bloodwork (at least a CBC) w/hormone tests if he didn't already. And have him check your thyroid hormone function, as well. I found that anemia was giving me a rapid pulse.
Hopefully, if bloodwork hasn't already been done, it may provide a simple answer to your problems. If not you should have other tests done. I did and it ruled out anything serious, and that helped my mental/emotional state tremendously.

I wore a heart monitor for 24 hrs when I was in a bout of palpitations and during a hot flash, my heart got up to 130 beats per minute. My doc told me it's common during a flash.
Hope that helps. Good luck.

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Thanks, grandmapoo! I live in Brussels, my husband's temporary assignment. I had my thyroid checked about 6 months ago, and it was fine. I wish he would have offered to do a blood test, but I forgot to ask. I was too concerned about all the cramping for days. I'm going back after 3 months on the pill, and will ask for it. I love the health care here--its very personal. You always talk with the doctor directly. Thanks again for your response and encouragement!

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