husband jackingoff newly weds

newlywedDrowningMay 6, 2013

So me and my husband have been married for 4 months now. Hes 30 im 20. We have sex every single day atleast 2wice a day. And 2 times so far WHEN im asleep in bed he lays next to me jacking off.. also to porn while im at work. He does this the days im stick or on my period, bleeding heavily. Even on my period we have sex in the slower..... he lies and denys it no matter what. I get that guys are just naturally going to beat off and watch porn but WE JUST GOT MARRIED.and he does it next to me while i SLEEP. Because usually im a deep sleeper. I feel worthless and hopeless. Im sad and embarassed. And yes i am very attractive and horny. So i can't understand this. My feelings are crushed. Am i just over reacting? HELLPPPPPPPPP

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The first time was the last time, my first husband did that I divorced him, it was the last straw.

Get out before you have children.

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I think you are over reacting unless you would rather he wake you up for sex.

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Emma are you serious?

And it sounds excessive Newlywed. Have you had a conversation with him about how this makes you think and feel? Most likely he is ashamed. Try to get answers without judgement - approach it with curiosity. This behavior of his is not your fault, and he isn't doing it to be hurtful to you, so if you can, do not take it personally, but to explain to him how you feel and that you need him to understand what he is numbing himself for.

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Yes I am serious are you?? If her husband was ashamed, he wouldn't do it in bed with her in it! He is doing it out of spite for some infraction he thinks she did or he is a total idiot.

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Not necessarily true.

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You are having sex twice a day, so you are not being neglected. The time may come when you count it a blessing that he does the rest on his own. ; )

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