I just had the weirdest experience

lobsterbirdSeptember 26, 2007

I'm 50 and recently skipped two periods for the first time. I did a pregnancy test, and it was negative. About two weeks ago I started to develop a heavy and tight feeling in the pelvic region, as well as some nausea. I'm practically a stranger to yeast and UTIs, but there was some swelling and minor discharge. I decided to do a Monostat one-shot yeast treatment (dumb) and the condition improved in a few days. Almost a week after treatment, the feeling resumed and intensified. This was on Friday afternoon. I considered calling my gyne, but it was late and I thought I'd just wait until Monday morning. (double dumb) Anyway, by Saturday night I was completely miserable and freaked out. I did some internet research, which is a sure way to push yourself over the edge with worry. Sunday night I was so uncomfortable I hardly slept, and by 8:15 Mon. morning I was on the phone with my doctor's office and scheduled a 9:30 appt. The doctor did an internal exam, and said everything felt normal -- uterus was normal size and wasn't prolapsed, ovaries seemed fine. He gave me a prescription to get bloodwork and an ultrasound just to make sure.

The exam had been painful, and afterward I was in even more pain. After speaking to the doctor I went out front to make a follow up appt, and I was in such pain that I started to pass out. They took me back to an exam room and they called my husband into the room. They decided to call the ER and told my husband to take me over and they would probably do all the tests immediately.

I could hardly walk and don't remember much of the whole thing, except that it felt so other-worldly. My husband thinks I was in shock from the pain. Anyway, in the ER they did further internal exams, as well as the internal ultrasound, bloodwork, and urinalysis. Everything was completely normal for the ultrasound, bloodwork and urinalysis, and they confirmed I wasn't pregnant. By the end of the afternoon, the pain started to subside, but I was still weak. They gave me Naproxen for pain and inflammation. I went home and had dinner because I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. I ended up feeling better than I had in several days.

Today, I'm headachey and still wiped out, but don't have nearly as much pain. It feels like it's subsiding. The doctor in the ER told me that all they could rule out what it wasn't, but couldn't tell me what it was. I will have to go to my doctor's and arrange for further tests.

So, here I am, the crisis is over, and the pain and soreness are subsiding. I have an appt. with my regular doctor on Thurs. and a follow-up with the gyne. on Friday. Weird, huh? Have any of you ever had anything like this happen to you?


P.S. -- I had Lyme this past summer and took antibiotics for 28 days. I'm wondering if my system is all out of wack from killing all the good bacteria as well as the bad. I read that the good bacteria helps your body utilize your hormones, so maybe this might be contributing/causing problems?

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Hi Tina,
I hope your Lyme got under control. Its a nasty disease.
The only thing I can compare to what you had, was when I was younger. I woke up with incredible lower abdomenal pain. I ended up passing out and they took me to the hosptial. They thought at first that it was my appendix, but it wasn't. They ended up calling it "Mittelschmerz" (ovulation pain........I was in Germany).
I'm wondering if your pain has something to do with your ovaries? Did the ultrasound show any cysts?
There have been several threads here in the past about how many of us in perimenopause/menopause develop even worse ovary pain during ovulation, than when we were younger. My guess is because as our hormones drop, our FSH works harder and harder to get an egg out of the ovary, and that can be painful.
Also......as my OB/GYN has said, when our hormones are doing their thing, they can cause alot of swelling in our lower GI area, and that can give us a feeling of pressure/heaviness.
Hopefully you won't go through this again. Keep in mind, too, that your Lyme might still be around. How long did you have Lyme before it was treated?

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Thanks, Catherine. I was fortunate and caught the Lyme quickly because I had the bullseye rash. I started antibiotic treatment the same day. I recently started taking probiotics to help get my digestive system back in balance. Haven't noticed any other problems I could attribute to Lyme, thank goodness.

The ultrasound showed no cysts, and no fluid was found that would indicate there had been one and it burst. Last night and today I've been having cramp-like sensations (I've always had painful menstrual cramps) and something barely resembling a period. I happened to have an appt. with my regular physician today to discuss my sleep problems, and conveniently the ER had faxed all the test results to her office. She thought I was having what was my period, even though it's nothing like I'd had before. She said that when you miss your period that that means you didn't ovulate that month. Sometimes you ovulate, but you don't have enough estrogen and the egg becomes a naturally occurring cyst. I forget what she called that. Sometimes the cyst bursts and sometimes it doesn't. Any of these scenarios can be painful. She confirmed what your ob/gyn said about the swelling in the GI area and the pressure/heaviness. I think because I've hardly ever had much trouble (other than bad cramps) with my reproductive system and rarely any infections of any kind, I found the whole experience quite frightening. Not much I could compare it to. And the pain after the exam was like nothing I'd ever felt.

If that experience taught me anything, it is the value of addressing health issues as they occur. It also shook me to the core and reminded me of the things in life that are important to me. I've heard others say that peri-menopause can be the great instructor for how to live the next half of your life, but I had never seen that so clearly.

Thanks for responding to my questions.


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You are right about the important things in life. My sister works in a large hospital and sees it everyday. I read these post this morning, which was very timely because of some financial struggles in my life right now. I am healthy and so are my loved ones. God will provide and I know he always has a plan. I just need to stay in the moment long enough to realize what that is. Peace, Shotzy Thanks for sharing.

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Glad it sounds like everything is okay. I've never had what you experienced, but I've noticed while going through perimenopause, that sometimes, I'll just have crampy pain in my ovary areas. Gyn exam was normal last year, so I figure it's just ovary dying pains, lol.
Mrs H

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I have had several incidents like your's tina. I've ended up in the ER about 4 times with incredible pains in various places in my body.........but nothing ever showed up. It is very frightening. I'm always relieved its "nothing".......but it was just as painful as if it was something. But I've also learned that these things can come and go and sometimes you just have to accept that they didn't make any sense.
I'm glad everything seems normal for you now. Sometimes, you just can't explain the body!

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